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New York photos and general chat

Mr Retro

Beware hedgehogs
Cracking photos. How do you keep a moving car in the foreground and the buildings in the background in focus? Not exactly point and click stuff I imagine?


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Near Albert levels of graffiti in this Lower East Side view of a bar toilet
I'm sure many of the toilets are like that but I remember going into the Charleston pub loo in Williamsburg and being amazed by the graffiti in there. I did feel uneasy about taking out my camera to shoot some photos but I wished I had done now.



Vast chunks of Williamsburg are totally unrecognisable from a decade ago. The riverfront has been uber-gentrifed.

Mr Retro

Beware hedgehogs
We're going again in October this year. Once again we will be using some of your photos and tips to enjoy our trip.

Looking for a hotel now. We stayed in The Ace Hotel last year and it was really good and great location too. Might stay over by The Highline this time around