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Discussion in 'New York/US' started by sovietpop, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

    I'm going to New York for the first time next week.

    I'll be broke but have my credit card with me.

    I'm staying with friends in Williamsburg so have my accomodation sorted but am looking for advice from wiser and more experienced heads as to what should do when I am there?
  2. oneflewover

    oneflewover Following "The Tigers"

    A trip round the bottom of Manhattan on a boat. Don't do the full circular thats a bit boring. Empire state building, have a trip up it. Grand Central Station, have a peak around it.

    Up the Tigers
  3. editor

    editor hiraethified

    You could check out my lovingly compiled guide to bars and cafes for starters:

    It's a fabulous city.
  4. hiccup

    hiccup King of the Vagabonds

    *subscribes to thread*

    cos I'm going for a week in November :)
  5. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I might see you out there! :)
  6. Billy Hunt

    Billy Hunt New Member

    Me too. I'm going in October :cool:
  7. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    My daughter's school band took a trip there.

    For her, Elis (sp?) Island, Time Square and Macy's were her favourite part. She said that the skyline itself will always be part of her memories. Oh, and the artists on the streets made a big impression on her, she came home with some lovely stuff.

    Part of their tour was to the shrine at Ground Zero. She really didn't want to go there, but it was part of the trip. None of the band was very impressed, but it is possible that her opinion was tainted by erm - political bias.

    Good luck and have fun,
  8. hiccup

    hiccup King of the Vagabonds

    Cool, I'm there 19th - 26th.
  9. zenie

    zenie >^^<

    I might be trher I don't know now :(

    Good luck with your trip and let us know how you get on hun :D

    Take LOTS of pics too
  10. beesonthewhatnow

    beesonthewhatnow going deaf for a living

    Make sure you spend an evening at The Library , one of the best bars I've ever been to.
  11. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

    Ta for the advice,

    Llots of bar recommended (what does that say about Urban 75?), got them noted down. ;)

    I don't like heights much, should I really bother with the Empire State?
    Isn't Macys just a huge department store. is it actually worth visiting?
  12. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Yeah ya right on all counts,and Central park is just like Regents park really,Brooklyn Bridge ffs,if youve seen one bridge ya've seen em all.
    dont know why you wanna go at all!
  13. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

    yeah your right, perhaps I should just stay at home and get a couple of Woody Allen movies out instead.
  14. hiccup

    hiccup King of the Vagabonds

    Re: Macy's, I went there last time I was in New York, and yes, it's just a huge department store. I kept getting lost and I couldn't find anything and I ended up waiting outside on the pavement in a huff. My female companion thought it was the best place ever though.

    I loved the view from the top of the ESB though. I went up at night, and the city looked amazing.
  15. oneflewover

    oneflewover Following "The Tigers"

    Yes, you do not have to look at the ground, just around, it really is spectacular.
  16. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

    What about bikes? I hate walking. Do you reckon hiring bikes is a runner or would I be taking my life in my hands?
  17. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I wouldn't fancy cycling around Manhattan on a regular bike - their roads make London's streets look billiard-table smooth!

    If you really want to cycle around town (and it would be fun), get a pair of mo'fo superfat tyres and some industrial suspension!
  18. t0bytoo

    t0bytoo Well-Known Member

    I saw someone renting bikes by columbus circle - just a little to the southwest of central park.

    I'm leaving here in 2 weeks, so you could have my bike for a modest 50 quid;-)

    If you're staying in williamsburg, there's a guy selling them cheap around beford avenue station.

    New York is fantastic on a bike - take the long road to coney island, downhill on the brooklyn bridge at night, central park, west side highway. You'll soon get used to driving the wrong way down one way streets, slowing down to piss off taxis and dodging extra large potholes.
  19. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

    I just might take up up on that bike offer. Thanks again for the advice.

    I'm planning so spend Sunday watching Seinfield and Taxi Driver so I know what to expect.

    Are black polo necks and sunglasses still de rigueur?

  20. Gavin Bl

    Gavin Bl terrible awful baaad

    Haven't been since Sept 2003

    I like the staten island ferry - the view, and the ferry itself,

    Brooklyn Bridge of course - on the Brooklyn side - theres a nice boardwalk south of the bridge, and small park just north - both give great views

    Empire state I reckon is best at dusk - went up there around 7-8pm, and there was no queue - its great when all the city lights come on.

    Ground Zero was strange - the chilling part wasn't really the giant hole in the ground, but stuff like all temporary lamposts, replaced kerbstones, and temporary facades on buildings - the originals having been shredded off in the collapses. I like to buy the postcards that refer to it, and the US response, they're an interesting sort of historical document, I fancy.

    The ancient antiquities in the Met are really fab - if the weather looks iffy, save it for a rainy day.

    Its a great place - I'd walk personally, bikes are fine, but you can't stop and look at those interesting little bits and pieces, as the fancy takes you.

    Took the bus to Hoboken with the rellies - theres a nice park on the water there, with a great view across to Manhattan - massive cruise liners come in and out. Good food and shops a couple of blocks in too.

    Not much of a donut person - but I am crazy for the 'Boston Creme' in Dunkin Donuts!

    Can't help with the bars, I'm afraid - my NY drinking days were terminated by the patter of tiny feet!
  21. duvel

    duvel Well-Known Member

    I'm going in Late Dec - early Jan

  22. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

    oh one more question. When I visit cities I prefer to get busses than the underground because then I can get a sense of the geography and the shape of the place. What is the bus system like in New York? Is it as manageable and wonderful as the London bus system (that London bus map is one of my favourite travel documents)?
  23. D

    D Well-Known Member

    The bus system in Manhattan is excellent and very straightforward. I would recommend taking the subway to travel between boroughs because it'll be much, much quicker than the bus; but you could even take the bus between Williamsburg and Manhattan if you wanted to do so.

    Manhattan is on a grid, so it's very easy to navigate.
  24. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    Guide to the subway, bus, and railroad service for the New York City area.
  25. sovietpop

    sovietpop don't shoot me

  26. t0bytoo

    t0bytoo Well-Known Member

    Which bus is that then? No buses running over the bridge anymore. The JMZ is over ground tho'.
  27. phildwyer

    phildwyer Gorau arf arf dysg

    I wouldn't take the bus *anywhere* in Manhattan, its quicker to walk. And I'd even walk rather than take the subway if you've got the time, its one of NYC's greatest pleasures.
  28. D

    D Well-Known Member

    No buses running over the bridge anymore?

    I stand corrected. :)

    Is that a post 9/11 thing? A budget cutback thing? Both?
  29. D

    D Well-Known Member

    According to a timetable printed in Dec 2004, the B39 still runs over the W'burg bridge into the Lower East Side.
  30. t0bytoo

    t0bytoo Well-Known Member

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