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New York City Guide: Offbeat destinations for adventurous visitors


some bloke
If it was really crowded I could see its appeal being limited.
Yeah, I guess it really works as a kind of 'escape from the hustle and bustle' type of thing. On a crowded touristy weekend day, it kind of has the opposite effect unfortunately.

Mr Retro

Beware hedgehogs
Got back on Wednesday morning after another wonderful time. I have only one fairly unusual thing to add to the "offbeat" thread you all may not be aware of:

Following a browse through Hells Kitchen Flea if you walk back downtown along 10th avenue from 38th street to about 25th there are a load of busy taxi part shops and garages and old businesses. It feels really old NYC and not a sniff of new bars or gentrification.

Reminded me of the kind of city scenes Editor likes to photograph. Very interesting walk


Reading books
Going over on the QM2 this week ......hope to hit the subway "hard" for the 1964 trains on the C local.

And a few other things....