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New records - what have you just bagged?

Ground Elder

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Meanwhile. from the charity shops in the mean streets of Cotham, I bought underrated Jimmy James and the Vagabonds tunes for 50p


toilet expert
Woop! Moodymann - Forevernevermore!!

Wanted this for so long. Need Silent Introduction reissue now and I'll be a happy man :cool:


Macaroni cheese controller
My wife is on her way back from Detroit with a big pile of records :eek: She won't tell me what she's got, other than teasing me with a bargain, $3 dollar copy of this :cool:. She tells me that she's been out digging with some top soul collectors, who kept passing her the quality cheapies :)

I'm very much looking forward to her getting home tomorrow :D
Sounds great, what did she bring you? I think I'd burst. Top wifing, I hope you spoiled her rotten for that :thumbs:


I'm an excellent driver
Just bought the reissued soundtracks to Creepshow, Creepshow 2 and Day of the Dead.
They are lovely editions with coloured vinyl and booklets etc. Flipping expensive to import but I love em. If I had more money I'd buy everything they issue.


Macaroni cheese controller
Exactly that! Swings and roundabouts.
Right on cue a bargain drops into my lap :)
One of the finest slices of lovers rock, a top notch vocal and beautifully produced version of Diana Ross' Upside Down by Carol Cool. Price has shot up since it featured on the Soul Jazz Hustle: Reggae Disco compilation, with a decent copy on Discogs setting you back up to £50 and Ebay prices not much behind. Just got the 12" on Ebay for £9.99 :thumbs:



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Set adrift on memory bliss- pm dawn- £2
Lets groove - Earth wind and fire- £2
Boogie nights -Heatwave- £1
Solid - Ashford & simpson -£1
I will survive- Gloria Gaynor- £2
You are everything- Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye- £1
My one temptation- Mica Paris- £1
Street dance- Break machine- £1
Too much too young / guns of Navarone- The Specials- £5

All sevens in good nick :cool:

You might need somebody -12 inch- Randy crawford £4

Ground Elder

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I met someone in real life that I'd been buying from online for years, so it seemed rude not to give him some cash :D I also had a bit of an Ebay/Discogs spree to celebrate my birthday. I think there may be some I've forgotten...

This week: :oops:

Tommy Ray - You Don't Love Me 7"
Johnny Mathis - Close To You LP - for this
Ike & Tina Turner - Dust My Broom 7"
Temptations - Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) 7" styrene copy :hmm:
Bob Brady - Everybody's Goin' To The Love-In 7"
Johnny Taylor & a Bobby Hebb singles, neither of which I can remember the titles of :facepalm:
Jimmy Hughes - Neighbor, Neighbor 7"
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Satisfaction Guaranteed 7" (to replace an old worn copy)
Intruders - (Win, Place Or Show) She's A Winner 7"
Delfonics - I Told You So 7"
Nancy Wilson - Today, Tomorrow, Forever LP for her storming version of Unchain My Heart
Clyde McPhatter - Welcome Home and Little Anthony & the Imperials - Payin' Our Dues LPs for my wife's Christmas present. The Clyde McPhatter LP has a couple of her favourite tunes on it, including
Should knock the buying on the head until the New Year now, but I probably won't :rolleyes:

Edited to add: remembered a few more - couple of interesting Atlantic R&B/blues compilations and a Washington Go Go compilation I owned in the 80s, for 50 p each.


toilet expert
Bought loads recently...can't remember them all, but will try:

Tenderness - Keep on Trying (been wanting this for ages!!!)
Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake the Feeling
Sha-Lor - I'm in Love
Reworked by Detroiters Funkadelic comp
Model 500 - No UFOs repress with Moodymann remix
Techno Soul - Expectations
Wulysse - Hotspot
Phantom Planet Outlaws vs Tr One - The Muscle, The Beats
V/A - In The Dark: The Soul of Detroit
V/A - Beach Diggin 5
V/A - Psychemagik: Magik Sunrise

Ordered but not arrived yet:

Nu Era - Acquarian Android
V/A - Pantsula! The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa 1988-90
V/A - Tokyo Nights: Female J-Pop Boogie Funk 1981-88
Hard Drive - Deep Inside
Move D - Silk Shmoove EP