New railway station for Portishead - public consultation begins

Discussion in 'transport' started by editor, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

    Should never have closed this line in the first place, but it looks like it will be finally coming back...


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  2. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    <insert Roads joke here>
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  3. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    That's good, Portishead has a great kids swimming pool.
  4. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    It would be amazing. I hope they will re-open the station at Pill as well.
  5. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    I agree, this should not have been axed in the first place. (A bit like the Waverley / Borders line)

    It will take a while yet, and cost quite a bit but not as much as roads do.
    Looking forward to the eventual re-opening, but can't make the WC&P jokes.........
  6. kebabking

    kebabking Unfettered ambition

    according to the ameba's - estate agents - a railway connection into bristol will inflate house prices in P'head by 25-30%...

    isn't the bus service into town now pretty good - i know it took about an hour 3/4 years ago, but i'd heard it had got significantly better..?
  7. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    Buses are still pretty shit due to traffic at rush hour (massive queues up to M5 roundabout) plus there's still the slow descent of Rownham and centre congestion. Alternate buses no longer go through Pill so that's sped things up a bit I think.

    The stupid thing with the Portishead station is that they let the developer of the harbourside housing sever the line for an access road, on the basis that the line could be reinstated with a crossing of some kind when eventually needed. Most of the developers went bust (or at least the shell companies they'd created for this particular development did) so nobody will pay for the crossing, so current plans are on about creating a station south of the access road, which is quite some way from the town centre and a very long way from the 'beach'. The hostility towards creating level crossings is also part of this (I think building a bridge isn't practical due to space and layout). Ideally it should be back where it was originally, as that was a very good site. Parking wouldn't be as big a problem as most of the harbourside development and a lot of the 'old town' is walking distance from that spot.
  8. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    There will be a station at Pill, though when they reopened it for freight they slewed the track to the centre of a two-track alignment, so possible that they'll have to move this back (disrupting freight traffic) or build out the platform. It's possible that they'll reinstate two tracks as a passing loop, though reckon that's more likely to be done somewhere like Ashton.

    Shame they've let so much of the dockside railway be developed in Bristol centre, as it'd have been a very useful route running through to behind the M-Shed then through the old Redcliffe tunnel, across the long-demolished blue bridge into the platforms to the side of the Brunel shed. I think the Bristol Metro proposed in the 80's might have been routed this way.
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  9. kebabking

    kebabking Unfettered ambition

    did i hear something about a park and ride type arrangement - the reasoning was as you've described, that bringing the line anywhere near the town was going to be both fun and games and mucho goldo?

    station as hub out by the Sheepway with loads of buses servicing it from the town?
  10. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    I think a park and ride at Sheepway was one of the rejected options (1.3km from the centre of town). I think there could eventually be some sort of Park and Ride at Portbury serving M5 traffic, in fact if the car import business at the docks drops off then they've got a lot of ready-made spaces for cars right there, and an easy connection to the M5.

    I think part of the problem with this is that Temple Meads isn't ideally situated for a lot of the city centre (although the area around it has seen a lot of development over the last couple of decades), which is probably why a lot of the suburban railway network around Bristol declined, as the lines didn't take you anywhere you wanted to go - it's quite a trek to Broadmead, the harbour etc. - this is why a proper metro system would have served the city well if it had ever gone anywhere in the 80s. Too late for that now - provincial cities don't get underground projects anymore, if you're lucky you'll get a bit of tram. The systems of Newcastle or Glasgow would never get built now.
  11. kebabking

    kebabking Unfettered ambition

    i remember the talk of a metro system/train line from Bristol out to Thornbury from when i was i kid. 30 years ago...

    the obvious solution to the Temble Meads problem is an unrelenting stream of water taxis - easy access to Broadmead and the harbour, no added road conjestion, pretty much no infrastructure cost other than buying the boats and building a decent jetty/disembarkation point at Castle Park, and the only running costs are fuel and boatmen...
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  12. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    People don't like changing modes, park and ride, shuttlebuses etc. are never as popular as intended due to the pissing about factor. Things like Oyster card systems make this much more palatable, but the regions aren't allowed 'quality bus contracts' (where the local authority/PTA set routes and fares and companies tender to run the service) which would be necessary to make this possible. Only London gets this (via TFL), and probably only because the Labour Party set it up some years back, and re-deregulating buses would be messy and politically impossible. Eric Pickles is the man to punch.
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  13. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

  14. SikhWarrioR

    SikhWarrioR And the Worms ate into his brain

    Will common sense prevail and see things like the Waverly Route restores all the way back to Carlisle Or 25KVAC trains on the Woodhead Route or the Mildand's Peak line restored etc etc etc dream
  15. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    The Waverley route was winding and slow, passing through a sparsely populated part of the country. There's a reason these lines closed in the first place.
  16. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

    Some of the closures of the 1960s were devastatingly short sighted.
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  17. SikhWarrioR

    SikhWarrioR And the Worms ate into his brain

    It will be interesting to see how well the rebuilt/reopened northern third of the Waverly Route developes as the Edinburgh commuter route
  18. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    I also wonder given that I've read about trains running on lines that have been mothballed for 10 years or more with no problems how much it would actually have cost to keep many services open. Sure, the days of staffed stations in villages, signal boxes everywhere and so on were costly but how much does a bus shelter, a bit of single track and a few dmus trundling up and down actually cost?
  19. Bob_the_lost

    Bob_the_lost Elsewhere

    Track inspections, preventative maintenance, signal upgrades, stock maintenance, vegetation clearance. I suspect the overheads would have made it absurdly high for the number of passengers.

    You might be able to run trains on some abandoned track but not all and I expect some reconditioning and testing went into it.
  20. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams


  21. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

  22. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    Fucksake. Money going to road building instead.
  23. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

  24. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    “Cost of replacing track that has been ripped up”

    LOL. There’s all of about 15m missing, a few where the line is severed and branches off to the docks, and a gap at the road crossing in Portishead. That won’t cost much, it’s replacing worn out track on the unused part (which hasn’t been ripped up yet).

    For all the fucking about and increased cost, why don’t they just tunnel under the Avon and link in to the Severn Beach line? Avoids conflict with freight traffic to Portbury, and could increase frequency on that line. There’s nothing between Pill and Parson St anyway, no plans for stations on that section.
  25. Nivag

    Nivag Well-Known Member

    I wonder how many people bought places so they could flip them when it's built.
  26. editor

    editor Walking along the lonely street of dreams

    And so it drags on

    Dec update
  27. Riklet

    Riklet procrastinación

    If they are intent on a tram they could be looking at the La Laguna/Santa Cruz line on Tenerife as this is a pretty comparable urban area with a motorway, congestion etc.

    I have to say I am normally quite sceptical of splunking out on trams but this one works very well (like most infrastructure in Spain) and regularly runs at night, reducing the amount of traffic and drink driving. It is also modern, clean, punctual and affordable... unlike most transport services in the Bristol area.

    If they could do a similar scheme serving Portishead and even extended down to Weston (just how hilariously cut off is Clevedon ffs) it would be great. But just sorting out the existing rail infrastructure and keeping it simple, spending less while providing more jobs immediately.... if only there was some political will for that.
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  28. Chilli.s

    Chilli.s changed the little words

    I went to Portishead a couple of weeks ago, for the first time in about 18 years. What a transformation it's seen. The area around the old harbour tidal basin is now a marina with mabey half a square mile of high density housing. I've no idea how many people living on what used to be an industrial wasteland but to think that this has been built without any improvement to public transport shows once again how useless local authorities are.
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  29. kalidarkone

    kalidarkone Bringing YOU round.....

    Also it's been very hard for schools to accommodate the new volume of kids.
    One would assume that when increasing the local population that things like transport, schools and access to healthcare would have been considered :rolleyes:
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  30. Dogsauce

    Dogsauce Lord of the Dance Settee

    Conveniently, the legally separate companies set up by developers to build the marina housing stuff mostly went bust before they’d constructed the schools and other amenities required by their planning consent.

    The roads out of Portishead are fucked, they need to totally redo the motorway interchange with direct access from the Portishead road rather than a roundabout, which would probably be a lot more pricey than fixing the railway line.
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