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Sitting on the bock of the day
I think there was a Drake family who were large estate owners in the Brockley area. Possibly Sir Francis was part of that?

I've got a potted history of Brockley saved somewhere, going out later but can check this out if folk are interested.


Sitting on the bock of the day

there's some similar based on catford...
And Forest Hill & Honor Oak Park...bet anything there will be 'I hope that hairdresser's becomes a nice little deli' type forums/blogs/Facebook pages all over the place!


Aye like, so it is.
I only just noticed that the Royal George Sam Smith's pub on Tanners Hill has closed. But...its not being turned into flats!

"The Royal George is a small community pub in Deptford, south east London. It has been closed since the beginning of June 2019. We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic couple to breathe new life into this pub, creating a great atmosphere to draw in the local community.
There is a small beer garden, darts board and open fire.
A three bedroom flat is provided above the pub."


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It is disappointing to see that senior managers at Goldsmiths, University of London, have admitted that its record of addressing racism is unacceptable after a damning report found 'black and minority ethnic' students feel victimised and unsafe on its campus.

The report found that:
  • while almost half (45%) of students at Goldsmiths are from minority backgrounds, some have frequently experienced both overt and indirect racism from white students and white staff and did not trust Goldsmiths to handle complaints;
  • 26% of those surveyed reported experiencing racism from students and staff, including racial abuse in lectures; and
  • additional 43% of the 195 students surveyed said they had experienced everyday racialised microaggressions.
It is sad to see such things happening within a long-standing local institution:

Insider-Outsider: the role of race in shaping the experiences of black and minority ethnic students