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New cider bar in Loughborough Junction reopens on Fri 19 to Sun 21 May 2017

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Brixton Hatter, May 28, 2015.

  1. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    Brixton Hatter, VP mentioned how we spent Sunday evening to some people on this estate today and they were impressed enough that they'd definitely want to turn up next time. :)
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  2. discobastard

    discobastard _____Ϯ_____

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  3. spanglechick

    spanglechick High Empress of Dressing Up

  4. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    A belated thanks to everyone who came to the cider bar!

    It was great fun as usual and I'm really pleased it worked out, even in the depths of winter. I've only just recovered, to be honest :oops: Brilliant to see many of you returning for the 2nd/3rd/4th time - the good comments mean a lot :)

    Great to meet ViolentPanda , bimble and a few new faces...

    We hope to be back in the spring....when all the new cider (which is quietly fermenting away on farms across the country at present) will be ready!

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  5. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    As discobastard said, it's from Millwhites in Somerset - they also do the 'Apples & Pears' and the 'Hedge Layer' (or 'Head Slayer' as one inebriated punter described it!)

    If you want some, let me know. Millwhites usually deliver to London each Weds/Thurs. I can get a trade price so it'll be cheaper than buying retail.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2015
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  6. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    Also, someone left their scarf at the bar - on the Saturday I think. (Might have been where brixtonblade and co were sitting?) Let me know if you recognise it...

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  7. brixtonblade

    brixtonblade Well-Known Member

    Not mine. Will ask around though.

    Glad to hear you'll be going again in the new year!
  8. brixtonblade

    brixtonblade Well-Known Member

    Nope - not one of ours.
  9. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    Delighted to announce the cider bar will be back very soon - and you're all invited!

    We'll be open for the weekend from Friday 21 April - Sunday 23 April.

    Free pints for 5 urbanites who post on this thread (picked at random by the grubby hands of Little Hatter) - just say "cider i up landlord".

    Can't wait to do it all again.....would love to see you all.

    I'll be back soon with more details - but in the meantime, opening hours and stuff here:
    Return of the Cider-i…..Fri 21- Sun 23 April 2017

    Last edited: Mar 31, 2017
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  10. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    I refuse to say cider i up landlord* as part of this viral marketing campaign :mad:

    *please note, having fulfilled the necessary conditions, this post counts towards the random draw :thumbs:
  11. mango5

    mango5 Endeavour era

    Yay! Hooray! Frabjous day!
    I'm happy to pay for my own pint, thanks landlord.
  12. Miss-Shelf

    Miss-Shelf I've looked at life from both sides now

    Me too
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  13. mango5

    mango5 Endeavour era

    I'm such a lightweight I won't manage more than two each day in any case. And the good Mr Hatter has a very wallet-friendly tariff already :)
  14. MrSki

    MrSki Who am I to say you're wrong

    Cider I up Landlord. Don't know if I will be around to attend. Am getting made redundant & on Friday 7th & have to move out of where I am living the following day so don't have a clue where I might be but tis good news that you are back in town!!!!
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  15. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl Well-Known Member


    cider i up landlord

    great news!

    argh - checked diary - we're away camping. :mad:
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  16. 19sixtysix

    19sixtysix Life as viewed from a Gay Gorbals Garret

    cider i up landlord.

    Shocked by an event actually happening on an actual weekend I'm not at work.
  17. Lucy Fur

    Lucy Fur Well-Known Member

    Yes! Spring has finally properly sprung.
    Cider I Up Landlord!
  18. Maggot

    Maggot MES missing message

    Cider I up Landlord

    Excellent news!
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  19. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    Aw yis
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  20. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate


    Redundancy Solidarity Pints will be available.

    If you find yourself a long way from SW9 at your new place, we'll send out the Official Cider Bar Helicopter to pick you up :)
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  21. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    Should be open again in May as well - third weekend I think - 19-21 May (tbc)
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2017
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  22. isvicthere?

    isvicthere? a.k.a. floppybollocks

    Congratulations! And cider i up, landlord.
  23. BoxRoom

    BoxRoom Flip.

    Nice one!
    Happy to come buy a pint or two, I got a free one previously and it were much appreciated :)
  24. Shippou-Sensei

    Shippou-Sensei 4:1:2.5


  25. alsoknownas

    alsoknownas some bloke

    I have no such queasy moral complications to temper me - cider i the hell up landlord!

    zora discobastard mango5 Rebelda
  26. alsoknownas

    alsoknownas some bloke

    :eek: I think that might be mine! Is it warming a pump line, or mopping up slops now, or something?
  27. Rebelda

    Rebelda Gas Mark 4 on the Lovely Oven

    That's my birthday weekend! Cider I up landlord :thumbs:
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  28. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    I'll be down for pint on the Sunday I reckon.
  29. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    Bingo bango :)
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  30. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    I think I've still got it somewhere! I'll have a look...

    Hopefully it won't be scarf weather later in April though...instead, you could tie it round your head Rambo-style after a few pints ;)
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