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  1. Vintage Paw

    Vintage Paw dead stare and computer glare

    I seem to have binged the entirety of Nailed It last night. It's terrible and compelling. Totally low budget baking show, where 3 contestants are shown some professional cakes and have to recreate them, but they are all shit bakers. In feel it's like Can't Cook Won't Cook but without an audience and less slick if that's even possible. All the budget went on the 10k prize the winner gets at the end of each episode.

    I used to be confused by people who say they pop something on the telly in the background while they get on with other stuff but Nailed It nailed it.
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  2. Rosemary Jest

    Rosemary Jest Wrong and Unstable

    Anvil: The Story of Anvil is on Netflix. It's a great documentary, 'rockumentary' if you will, about the Canadian heavy metal band. I'd never heard of them before seeing it and you don't need to like heavy metal to enjoy the film.

    It's like a real life Spinal Tap and is heartwarming and funny at the same time.

    Saw it at the Cornerhouse in Manchester around 10 years ago and the band were there to play a few songs, seemed like really nice people.

    Worth a watch, think it's got 98% on rotten tomatoes as well. :thumbs:
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  3. bemused

    bemused Well-Known Member

    Me before you is quite good.
  4. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    Just found a thing called Fallet which is a pisstake Scandi noir and good fun at ep1.

    You probably all saw it in telly last year but it's new to me.
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  5. mystic pyjamas

    mystic pyjamas Don't call us,we'll call you.

    Watched ep 1 of boarderliner a Norwegian Scandi noir. Dark skies, deep forests and characters whose bleak serious personalities blend well with the landscape.
    Hooked already.
    Boardertown next on my to watch list.
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  6. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    I can recommend The Mind of Chef if food is your thing.
  7. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    Fallet is hilarious...really nails the genre
  8. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    no it isn't. it perpetuates the idea that disabled people are better off dead
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  9. Red Sky

    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

    Babylon Berlin - German drama set in the Weimar Republic.

    Flappers, Trotskyist conspiracies and the sexually and morally ambiguous denizens of the Berlin demi-monde.

    Featuring a musical interlude that's like Marlene Dietrich meets Laibach .

    Four episodes in and quite enjoying it.
  10. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    Is that on UK Netflix? I looked a while back but couldn't see it as it was on a sky channel (iirc)
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  11. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    Just watched the first two episodes. It's a pretty out there story. It's over 6 hours which is a lot for a documentary series on one subject but its going along nicely so far.

    I reckon Corbyn and his more ardent followers are one general election away from crowd funding a similar experiment in the Lake District.
  12. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Just started Lost in Space. Only 20 mins in so clearly no enough to form a judgement but not massively engaging so far. Has anyone watched a few episodes of it yet, and if so what’s your verdict so far?
  13. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Well-Known Member

    I watched the first one...swung between totally unengaged to fairly enjoying it.

    Will definitely watch the 2nd at least.
  14. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Watched the second. More characters are introduced so it improves. I still can’t care much about the fate of any of the characters though.
  15. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist specter haunting

    Lost in Space has far far too much melodrama. Far too much. Fucking crying all the time. Just suffocate in a frozen lake with some dignity please. Automatically skipped flashback scenes. Fuck right off with that, anything with this level of mawky shite is going to have eyewateringly bad flashback scenes

    I'll give it to more eps. And wheres the old scientist bloke who everyone thinks was a nonce irl?
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  16. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Well-Known Member

    It's in the scenes you skipped.
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  17. girasol

    girasol Sunflower

    On my Block, Everything Sucks and First Match are all good coming of age/teen dramas I'd recommend...
  18. girasol

    girasol Sunflower

    Also, 6 Balloons, low key but quite tense drama about a brother (heroin addict) and sister's afternoon/evening together, spent mostly driving around LA... Nicely done.
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  19. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Well-Known Member

    Episode 4 of Lost in Space.

    Can't deny...starting to like the robot.
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  20. DaveCinzano


  21. chilango

    chilango *shrugs*

  22. Mordi

    Mordi Amoral adventurist

    My interest is piqued.
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  23. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    It does get better. Not spectacular but perfectly watchable. On ep 7 now.
  24. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Well-Known Member

    Oh it won't win any awards, but it's an easy watch. There's nothing brilliant out there just now and it passes the time, it's decent popcorn. It makes you hate the current Dr Smith a lot more than anyone hated the old one and it spreads its arcs through the young, teenage and adult. I've been all of them.

    By far the most interesting story-line is Will and robot.
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  25. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    Been watching The Ministry of Time which is a Spanish series about time travelling secret agents from different eras trying to preserve Spain's history. It's a bit batty but quite funny and interesting....Velázquez is always in their office doing drawings of suspects amongst other daftness.
  26. SpookyFrank

    SpookyFrank Ridin' a Stutz Bearcat, Jim

    What bothered me was the fact it was cold enough to flash-freeze a lake but none of them were even wearing hats. Also three quarters of a mile away the little boy was strolling around a temperate forest in what appeared to be pleasantly autumnal conditions.

    Also temperatures don't drop that fast in earth-like atmospheres. It's basic thermodynamics, energy can't just vanish all of a sudden just because the sun has gone down.

    If anything the PTSD bits redeem the show somewhat. I'm getting sick of sci-fi and genre TV in general subjecting characters to some new harrowing experience every week with no apparent consequences.

    But now that I think of it, the girl in the frozen lake was dying of lack of air yes? But they were in a breathable atmosphere, so once they'd exposed her hand they could have just stabbed a hole in her glove and hey presto, a breathing hole. Probably not an ideal situation but several steps up from death by asphyxiation.
  27. Red Sky

    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

    I was watching it via VPN.
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  28. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Warning: posts may cause vasovagal presyncope

    I'd try to change the outcome of the Civil War if I was on that team.
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  29. Red Sky

    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

    I might check this out. How does a drama like that work in a country with as controversial past as Spain?
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  30. Mrs Miggins

    Mrs Miggins There's been a slight cheese accident

    My appreciation of the show is sadly a bit lacking as I know little of Spanish history.

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