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  1. Jon-of-arc

    Jon-of-arc Ransom'd, Stoopid & Roofless

    UK Netflix, primarily. If you want to recommend US Netflix stuff, please state clearly that's where it's available.

    So, there's a lot of dross on Netflix, and a few out and out classics. Buffy, BB, life on Mars, 24.

    But there's also plenty of obscure stuff. The booth at the end, is something I've recently been enjoying. Intelligence, as well. Check them both out, for quality drama, that hasn't got the publicity of the above examples. You'll know whether your interested enough to carry on after the first episode, in both cases.

    Please make your own suggestions, especially if it's something you discovered just browsing through. Ta.
  2. beesonthewhatnow

    beesonthewhatnow going deaf for a living

    House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black.
  3. snadge

    snadge metal alchemist

    Been watching Contnuum, not bad sci fi type shooter, on US Netfilx I think, I use Media hint addon.
  4. Jon-of-arc

    Jon-of-arc Ransom'd, Stoopid & Roofless

    Fillums as well, please.
  5. Kidda

    Kidda Z is for stripey oss

  6. spacemonkey

    spacemonkey I Love Noodles

    I got kind of bored of the latter after about 6 episodes, and I don't get bored easily. I really wanted to like though.
  7. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Can this be just a general review kind of thing, too? I've not watched much just by stumbling that has turned out to be good, but if we can recommend stuff to avoid then that's surely useful, too?

    Cashback (film) - Absolute shite. Avoid.
    Mutant Girls Squad (film, US) - Not great but utterly ridiculous, so it's watchable.
    Hemlock Grove (series) - Absolute shite. Netflix's version of Twilight. Avoid.
    Upstream Color (film, US) - Really interesting. Well worth a watch.
    The Babysitters (film, US) - Awful. Avoid.
    Rubber (film, US) - Fantastic bit of satire, but seems to polarise. I'd say give it a try. You'll know if it's for you within 15 minutes.
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  8. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Kill, Baby...Kill! (film, US) - Italian horror from the 60s. Quite dated but well worth a watch.
  9. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Hemlock Grove was shit but I still really enjoyed it :oops:

    Lie to Me with Tim Roth was ridiculous but very good at the same time imho
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  10. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Fringe. Great Sci Fi cop drama mix.
  11. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    I watched two episodes and to be honest, I couldn't even follow it. I don't remember being stoned or drunk :confused: It just seemed bizarre to me, and not well written.

    Anyway, I'm not the target audience for it, clearly. :)
  12. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Official Twitter Liaison Officer

  13. Vintage Paw

    Vintage Paw dead stare and computer glare

    Yeah, Fringe is basically a more scientific X-Files for the modern age. On that note, I'm rewatching X-Files from the beginning again on Netflix right now (US, not sure if it's on UK).

    Also watching Parks and Recreation (US). Took a while to get going, but I'm midway through the 2nd season now and really enjoying it. Sort of like The (US) Office but different. I adore Leslie Knope.

    I watched Orange is the New Black twice :oops:

    Nurse Jackie - last time I looked not all current seasons were available, but perhaps that's changed since. Really got sucked in. Her life is absolutely fucked up, and yet it doesn't treat her terrible choices in life with any kind of judgement - she just does what she does. She doesn't try to apologise for it, there's no moralising, she just is who she is. It's brilliant.

    Keep meaning to get around to watching Firefly, never seen it before. And a rewatch of Buffy is in order at some point. There are only so many hours in the day though, frankly. I think US Netflix has Babylon 5 too :oops:

    I'm so glad I splashed out on a Netflix sub. A million times better than shitty Lovefilm.
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  14. baffled

    baffled Well-Known Member

    If you can get on the Canadian site then Rectify is a superb slow burning drama.

    On the UK site Damages and Justified are well worth your time.

    On the US site there's a documentary/film called The Imposter that's pretty good, wasn't sure where it was going at the beginning but glad I stuck with it.
  15. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Damages is one of the best things I have seen in a long time.
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  16. snadge

    snadge metal alchemist

    Oh, and Trailer Park Boys is funny as fuck, great stuff.
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  17. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    My head has been a bit busy atm so I have mainly been sitting up watching old period dramas on it for shame :oops:
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  18. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    American Horror Story (series) - Good. I've only seen series one and that was enjoyable enough, but apparently series two is miles better. Sadly it isn't on either US nor UK Netflix yet. Each series is stand-alone, so don't worry about having to wait too long for a conclusion.
  19. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    They are both excellent!
    I personally preffered the second one but they are both really good.
    New one starts "Coven" on Sfx in a week or so. :cool:
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  20. baffled

    baffled Well-Known Member

    A few things that I've got on my list to watch, think these are all on the UK site.

    The Lives of Others
    The Baader Meinhof Complex
    5 Broken Cameras
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  21. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Official Twitter Liaison Officer

    Frasier, Louis, 30 Rock. Not sure which one they're on, I've got both.
  22. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    The Conversation (film) - One of the best films I've seen for ages. Won loads of awards apparently but I hadn't heard of it until I stumbled on it on Netflix
  23. tar1984

    tar1984 write a song, i'll sing along

    This might be of interest - every netflix show arranged in order by its IMDBviewer rating. LINK

    Watch 'it's always sunny in philadelphia', a funny/mental sitcom.

    Edit: I think some of these are on US netflix only.
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  24. la ressistance

    la ressistance aesthete

    The last gladiators.
  25. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    Cheers for the steer on this. It's brilliant. I got well into it after watching the pilot, then watched the entire first series over the weekend. Normally I probably wouldn't have bothered with a Canadian series but this is slick and thoroughly compelling. Kind of Spooks meets the Soprano's in Vancouver. Ace.
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  26. Yetman

    Yetman Cheesecar Fucksquad #1

    I really liked Touch, and Sherlock. Both good mystery/chase series.

    Mrs reckoned Lie to Me was good, more for the main character than the storylines though.
  27. fucthest8

    fucthest8 What the zarking fardwark was that?

    It just gets better and better. Ron Swanson is my actual hero :D

    As for recommendations, let you know. Just got Netflix so I could finally catch up on Breaking Bad. Let you know what else I find!
  28. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Series 2 now on Netflix (US)
  29. blairsh

    blairsh Dickhead

    Watched Super8 the other night, Spielberg & JJ Abrahams feel good sci fi. Rather enjoyed mesen :)
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  30. imposs1904

    imposs1904 Thread Killa'

    Wild Bill. Great british film.
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