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Neo-classical sculptural reliefs?

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by Stanley Edwards, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Anyone have any idea what the story is behind this one? They are everywhere in Lisbon, and I love them. This one on the old City Hall will undoubtedly influence my next painting greatly, but I have no idea WTF? I'm guessing the left is Neptune. There is a drowning man in the bottom right being ignored by some fluze, and a goddess like, very sexy woman.

    Where can I get the story behind this from?


    It is all a bit of a mystery to me. Probs a Biblical tale of sorts :confused:

  2. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom


    took me a few minutes to find out but there you go: freedom and patriotick love
  3. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Well, thank you.

    I still can't quite interpret the symbolism, but it is a good start. Not sure I like the 'patriotic love' bit. Freedom and liberty would be much nicer.

    Why the guy drowning in the bottom right? There is some sort of musical instrument next to him. Perhaps he is supposed to depict a dissenter? But, why the musical instrument and the floozie? The left features a very sexual woman apparently preventing an attack by a lance bearing bearded guy. I assume this is her trying to prevent an attack, or giving her life to the state?

    It is a very beautiful piece of work whatever. I would just like to get the full story behind it.
  4. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Apparently by

    Célestin Anatole Calmels

    (weird copy & paste formatting).

    Other internet sources refer to 'the Calmels'. Wiki has little to offer.
  5. pengaleng

    pengaleng Lil' pengaleng PhD. another handsome boy graduate.

    fuckin love relief sculpture

    am well shit at it tho
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  6. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

  7. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Possibly, it is not a musical instrument, but a navigation device. A rogue sailor?

    So, all to the left is representing the protection of the state, all to the right is representing debauchery and the real joys of freedom :D

    Probably :D

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