Help need a PC to run Indesign

Discussion in 'computers, web and general tech' started by rutabowa, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    Im a bit confused as there appear to be 2 different sets of specs in the description and the product details...
  2. Exactly. Ive started messing about with 4K 10 bit video files. Those are big in today’s money.
  3. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    I can't see anywhere where it stays it has an SSD.

    It has 24GB of RAM.
  4. UnderAnOpenSky

    UnderAnOpenSky baseline neural therapy

  5. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    Yeh im pretty sure these are just a mistake, as they contradict the title and the description.... I only saw this section last nigt
  6. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    I'm not seeing that anywhere on the page! :confused:

    Are you guys viewing in a mobile browser?? Perhaps it's taking you to a different item because these are now out of stock as the OP purchased the last one.

    That looks wrong anyway as that says 8gb ram and home edition of windows!

    If the OP is worried, mail the vendor to be sure, as you don't want the wrong box being sent out. Who knows they might throw in the SSD for free if there's error (unlikely, but always worth a shot!)

    What I see:

  7. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    Yeh I'm going to drop them a message. and yes it was mobile ebay where you get that different item description... but it says the other specs multiple other places in the listing, so I'm sure it's just a mistake.

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