National Unity Demonstration Against Fascism and Racism - Nov 17th London

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by chainsawjob, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. chainsawjob

    chainsawjob Kipping in the dunes

  2. Nigel

    Nigel For A Degenerates' Workers State

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  3. Nigel

    Nigel For A Degenerates' Workers State

  4. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    i'm working, so no
  5. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member

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  6. comrade spurski

    comrade spurski Well-Known Member

    I went...marched along with the FBU and the Justice for Grenfell Campaigners.
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  7. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    I went to take pictures. There was talk of it being targeted by the far right - hence, I suspect, a greater police presence than usual, including horses - but all I saw was a dozen at most internet wankers hassling a SWP tent on Whitehall. The cops stopped them, one of the hasslers shouted through a megaphone for a bit about how it was a disgrace the police were defending paedos etc while the others streamed to their YouTubes, and then they crossed the road to outside Downing Street. That annoying kid with the trump flag was with them.
  8. chainsawjob

    chainsawjob Kipping in the dunes

  9. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Wasn't the annoying Trump kid around the SWP a few years ago?
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  10. Ptolemy

    Ptolemy like an unwound clock, I just don't seem to care.

    I went along with some friends - tried to avoid any SWP placard but ended up with a Stand Up to Racism one (didn't know they were a Swappie front! :oops:). We enjoyed following the big van with the sound system and then pointing and laughing at the Trump fawners.

    Ran into the XRs at the end and we cheered each other, which was nice. Not bad for a Saturday, but I guess I'm excited cause it was my first proper march (been on anti-EDL stuff before, but we waited for them to come to us).
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  11. chainsawjob

    chainsawjob Kipping in the dunes

    I don't know enough to comment on Stand Up to Racism being in the sway of the SWP, I don't have the long history of political involvement that many here do, and don't know enough about all the intricacies. Urban has educated me about SWP history, but I've not been directly involved myself, or with Stand Up to Rascism, Unite Against Fascism, or Love Music Hate Racism, the sponsoring organisers. I went on my first march about 4 years ago, the big anti austerity one. I was at the march with Unite Community/People's Assembly/Labour folk. I guess I feel I'm not going to let the unacceptable side of left politics stop me from supporting a cause I believe in (opposing racism and fascism), and it's a shame that should detract from the main message of solidarity with those affected, and opposition to the increasing mainstreaming of far right racist and fascist views.

    I expected to get told A to B marches are a waste of time. I didn't know how to respond to stuff about SWP. Just that it's a shame that stuff puts people off and detracts from the bigger picture, I guess :( Sure these issues need thinking about as well, but I don't feel very equipped to, or in a position to really comment or know what I think. I'm learning. Urban is part of that.

    I was near the big van with the sound system too Ptolemy, those that spoke on there were inspiring (Grenfell campainger, an imam, student leaders, LGBT spokesperson, CND, feminists, etc), better than the bigger names at the end (too far away and too cold by then), good to hear what people are doing on the ground, and be there in solidarity with them. Approval and interest from passersby/shoppers was good, no opposition that I saw (only drunk folk grabbing a loud hailer, they stayed mostly on message thankfully :D ).

    The march could have done with more music, the sound system was good though, and the samba band :)
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  12. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    I don't know - I've only ever seen him recently.

    (ETA: I’m cutting this bit, I get little paranoid sometimes)
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  13. Nigel

    Nigel For A Degenerates' Workers State

    What did G erry G able have to say ?
    Are Searchlies making a come back ?
  14. M Testa

    M Testa Well-Known Member

    no. they aint. HnH have pretty much taken over. SL is just irrelevant now.
  15. Nigel

    Nigel For A Degenerates' Workers State

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