NASA's New Horizons: The First Mission to the Pluto System and the Kuiper Belt

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    You can likely recognise the site without me linking:

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    Meet Sytx:


    The Tartarus Dorsa Mountains Rise Up Along Pluto
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    I for one welcome our new 3 mile long albino lobster overlords!
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    A 90 mile wide Kuiper Belt object has been spotted.

    New Horizons’ Camera Captures a Wandering Kuiper Belt Object

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  9. Jonti

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    New Horizon's been in hibernation for a while, as it hurtles through the outer solar system en route to the Kuiper Belt object designated 2014 MU69.

    Now it's waking up, ready for the planned rendezvous on 1st January 2019.
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  10. editor

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    It's a billion comets! Possibly.

    Turns out Pluto might really be a giant comet
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    New Horizons Spacecraft Wakes Up to Prepare for Historic Flyby of Distant Object
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  13. 2hats


    Playback of the encounter (downlink of data) won't occur until later in the day though. Spacecraft phone home health check due at 1528UTC. Then science data should start flowing about 2015UTC with initial images coming overnight into 2 Jan and more to follow later that day and 3 Jan. The spacecraft can't observe the target and transmit to Earth. So it observes first, then orients to Earth and then transmits.
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  14. 2hats


    Health check ok. All is green but it will take a few hours to find out if it actually got any images (spacecraft pointing was something of a guesswork as the precise orbit of the target isn't well defined, it having only been discovered recently).
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    That would be a pisser.

    It's like when you used to wait a week for your photos to be developed and opened the envelope to find just blanks :(
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  16. 2hats


    Looks like it was on target. Final pre-flyby low resolution imagery hints at a binary or contact binary perhaps.
    High resolution image should be available in the coming hours.
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    It's a snowman!
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    Weird colouration, and nothing that even looks like a crater. Can't wait for the stereo images!
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    Contact binary it is then.
    Red snowman too…
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    It's astounding, given the sheer distance, that a human-sent object went out there, intercepted, and examined this tiny object.
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    I always say this, but in a sane world SCIENCE would be the front page headlines rather than vapid celebrity tosh.
  23. It looks well friendly, and a little sad :(
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    Incredible achievement:

    'Snowman' shape of distant Ultima revealed
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    Enhanced image:

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    That's one seriously strange and impressive construction.

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