Music you've discovered through youtube autoplaying it

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by killer b, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    The youtube algorithms are pretty good for weirdo shit - if you're listening to some obscure ambient or minimalist stuff they almost always line up something sweet after it for you - I've come across some essential albums via this method which have stayed with me...

    These are my latest discoveries:

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  2. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    i thought for ages that corelli had come up with that by himself then i found out that the folia theme was played with by composers for hundreds of years:

  3. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    oddly enough I just came across this (great) album through other means, and it turns out Midori Takada played mallets on it.

  4. I don't use YouTube for music. :hmm:
  5. Spandex

    Spandex Well-Known Member

    I've discovered loads of brilliant new music through autoplaying youtube (or otherwise flicking through the recommendations down the side).

    It was a youtube adventure that led me to discover Latin Soul

    And before that I got obsessed over the 2010s French pop that I discovered on another youtube odyssey:

    Hypnolove - La piscine
    Cléa Vincent - Jmy attendais pas
    Polo & Pan - Dorothy
    L'Impératrice — Agitations Tropicales
    Le Couleur - Club Italien
    Février - La montagne
    Vendredi sur Mer - La Femme à la Peau Bleue

    I've discovered amazing soukous, naija pop and cold wave.

    And if I like it, I'll buy it and play it on a proper stereo (at the proper volume if the kids are out).
  6. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    top comment on this
    nearly 3 million views now
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  7. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    That Midoro Takada album is a thing of beauty.
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  8. weltweit

    weltweit Well-Known Member

    I have wondered if there was a thread to be done detailing where you started from on YouTube and where you ended up, because I often follow the odd suggestions at the end of a play. In fact I may have started such a thread, but if I did, it didn't become that great.
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  9. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    She played cafe oto a week before I heard the album. :mad:
  10. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    the stuff I end up liking the most is generally well out of my price range...
  11. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    hot chip Huarache lights. Fucking hell.not heard this before.
  12. Spandex

    Spandex Well-Known Member

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  13. Sea Star

    Sea Star have you ever explored your dark side?

    Today's find:

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  14. DJWrongspeed

    DJWrongspeed radio eros

    I knew some of this sound track before but this popped up on another video.
    This is from 'Synecdoche New York.'

    "It's only about you........No one know will ever love you for everything you are"

    PS I love the Corelli above
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  15. DJWrongspeed

    DJWrongspeed radio eros

    Actually another post is obliged. Josquin des Prez ! Found on a related track......very unusual static key counterpoint
  16. lefteri

    lefteri Well-Known Member

    I tend to find great tracks through YouTube auto play

    And then head over to Discogs to find it'll set me back £150 for a copy
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  17. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    yeah, that's stopped bothering me too much though. If I want to listen to it I can always play it on youtube.
  18. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    still down the japanese percussion wormhole.

  19. dialectician

    dialectician The Main Enemy is at home.

    always good funky 70s 45 rips on youtube that are out of print unlike the edm shite that masquerades as turkish pop these days.

  20. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    First discovery from me in ages due to my attempts to spend less time online.
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  21. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    That acid mt Fuji is great.
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  22. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    Aye! I know very little about ambient music so I'm never sure if it's some random youtube algorithm gem or a proper classic.
  23. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    Listening to some Hiroshi Yoshimura now. :cool:
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  24. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

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  25. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

  26. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    why does so much japanese music come up for everyone? anyway I'm very glad this came up for me, it is absolutely incredible, like beautiful melancholic perfect synth pop, but completely crazy and abstract as well.
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  27. jontz01

    jontz01 taking refuge in the loft

    Midori Takada is gold - same, Autoplay ftw.
  28. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    ha i forgot link. added now.
  29. rutabowa

    rutabowa LOSE IT

    ohh that album is on this blog too... I'm pretty sure it was youtube that showed it to me, but maybe that blog is big enough that it now affects the youtube algorhythm or someyhing?
  30. killer b

    killer b Nostrofuckingdamus

    Could be, I guess it works on what people who're into one thing search for next?

    This smooth as jazz funk (Japanese again) has been on a bit lately. From autoplay.

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