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Moustache waxing. Sticky tape? :D

Discussion in 'threads and dreads' started by lizzieloo, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Well-Known Member

    full face threading in reliance arcade for a tenner inc eyebrows, tash, chin, neck, ' sideface' and the tops of your cheeks... oweee!
  2. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    I'd rather be hairy.
  3. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Apart from shaving my eyebrows once during a Bowie phase in the 70s I've left well alone. I sometimes shave my legs, although frankly it's easier just never wearing frocks or skirts.
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  4. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    I leave mine. Keeps my upper lip warm in the winter :oops:
  5. ice-is-forming

    ice-is-forming Its Hammock Time

    can you report back on this one too please?:)
  6. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    Use a lighter. Honestly. Move it over the hair quickly.
  7. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Well-Known Member

    its actually not that bad... the top of cheeks/ under eye bit is the most unpleasant... ive only had that done once and probs never again...
  8. lizzieloo

    lizzieloo Numpty extraordinaire

    It worked but I now realise that it is effectively the same as shaving, that's not a good idea unless I want it to get worse.

    Back to plucking then, I'll get used to it, I did with my eyebrows, hardly notice any pain when I do them.
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  9. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    You can thread your own tache with 1 piece of cotton.
    It's hard to do your eyebrows as you need to pull them taught.
    I have not had the need to do the tache area but imagine it would be quite easy.
    There are tutorials on YouTube.
    I'll have a look for you tomorrow :)
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  10. lizzieloo

    lizzieloo Numpty extraordinaire

  11. lizzieloo

    lizzieloo Numpty extraordinaire

    Today the skin I sanded had gone all flakey :D :facepalm:
  12. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    Paint the hairs with tippex. It'll have the same effect as bleach.
  13. lizzieloo

    lizzieloo Numpty extraordinaire

  14. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Oh here you go.

    Can you follow that link?
  15. lizzieloo

    lizzieloo Numpty extraordinaire

    Yep, I'm all knackered now, will have a go tomorrow :)

    Thank you
  16. Clair De Lune

    Clair De Lune Well-Known Member

    I just tried threading and it works really well :cool:
    Would have been better with a new bit of cotton rather a bit I pulled off a dress that kept snagging but good results and not that painful.
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