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Morrissey for Eurovision!

Much as I love him, I think he'd come unstuck. He's not wacky enough for the Lordi vote, but he's also not naff enough for the 'boom bang wicky wacky bam' Eurovision style. Unless he pulls some Johnny Logan weepie out of the bag, i think he'd only do well in a few countries.
milesy said:
nope. i don't think that would ever happen. and besides, the band he has at the moment are fucking ace :cool:

Maybe not. But just imagine 'The Queen is Dead' blasting out across the whole of Europe. Although I'm sure they'd have to come up with some new material. Anyway, just the Mozza on Eurovision would be fantastic even if he doesn't come in the top ten.
milesy said:
i think he mentioned something about this when we saw him at wembley last month.

that would be cool :cool:

he did, and it was very tongue in cheek - and everyone cheered (of course!) :D
Morrissey Euro songs:

This charming bing-bong-a-bang

Heaven knows I’m Israel now

First of the gang to get Nul Points

Used to be a Swede boy
goldenecitrone said:
Well, he's always been a big fan of Sandie Shaw. Maybe it's always been a secret ambition of his.

If he does a cover of "Puppet on a String" barefoot, he deserves a landslide victory :cool:
This Charming EU Mandate.

Subsidisers of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU Unite

Hand in Handschuh.

Brussels is bigger than Aachen.
At least if he is doing a eurovision song the odds of me actully having to hear it are very very low.

that is basicly turning a frown upside down though.

Tank Girl said:
the band he's got now are better at playing the smiths tunes than the smiths were.

I have to strongly disagree. Boz Boorer is not Johnny Marr and never will be. Too fat for a start.
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i've just read the BBC article - the quote that they atribute to him ("I was horrified but not surprised to see the UK fail," he said. "Why didn't they ask me?") i now remember were his actual words at his wembley gig in december :D
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