More police brutality than you can shake a stick at.

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by xes, May 14, 2012.

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    embedded images of the British Booby
    Just watched a programme last night about breastfeeding, as this is a particular interest of mine. :eek:
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    Wondered how long it would take before that pillock got banned.
  3. Boris Sprinkler

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    Christiania will remain. But the pressure and violence the cops are dealing out... it’s going to go tits up soon. Someone will end up getting seriously hurt. I hope it’s a cop. Only good ones are dead ones.
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  7. spring-peeper

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    Police use Taser on 87-year-old woman using knife to cut dandelions

  8. a_chap

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  10. 4eyes

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    They get taught about "potential threats", during their 6 months training!
    This girl must have been one.
  11. Have you met Brownglass on your travels?
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    surely the title of the thread should read truncheon, not stick?
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    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

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    Dallas police seek manslaughter warrant against officer who killed neighbor

    My hunch, she was rat arsed, banged on the door of the wrong flat expecting a boyfriend, roommate or similar to come, then murdered the poor sod who came to the door.
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  19. FridgeMagnet

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    It's important to remember that basically a cop went to someone's flat and shot them dead. All this "oh she went to the wrong flat, she was confused, she thought someone else was in her flat" stuff, there's no evidence for that; it's imputing a motive without justification. Not surprising that the PD is the group saying this.
  20. CRI

    CRI Registered Chooser

    Well yeah, the story doesn't add up. She was either wasted when she did it and that's being covered up, or something else was up entirely. Guy seemed to have no previous connection with his killer or the cops full stop. Nothing passes the smell test here.
  21. spring-peeper

    spring-peeper Well-Known Member

    Read accounts of her and the victim being close (fb pictures) - hers were removed, his were not. Some say that their breakup did not go well. Revenge, maybe?

    Read accounts from neighbours that she was banging on the door, demanding to be let in.

    Bet there is more than "my key fit his lock, so I went in and shot the intruder.

    More like, hell hath no fury......
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  22. CRI

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    I haven't seen any official news reports saying the shooter and victim knew each other, but some posts on social media are including this photo, purporting to be of them together.


    She was initially charged with manslaughter, posted bail and went home, but the charges may be upgraded.

    Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Could Face Murder Charge In Botham Jean Death

    Faith Johnson said she will present a “full case” to a grand jury against Guyger so that the grand jury panel could weigh “all aspects” of the case.
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  24. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    Officer guilty of 'noisy neighbour' attack

    Got 2.5 years for this

    Rampaging into a neighbourhood home after 10 pints and assaulting a victim with a metal kitchen roll holder

    Claimed he as going to make a lawful arrest whilst off duty and leathered. Has previous with unspecified negatives on his record

    Juries are wising up to coppers now it seems

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    In the Botham Shem Jean case, cops have now made a statement that they found marijuana in his apartment. *shocked face* you know, like Elon Musk was smoking on a podcast recently.

    I wonder why they would have deliberately released that piece of information. I’m sure it’s not any sort of dog whistle.
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  26. CRI

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    Yup, that case is getting stinkier by the minute. They searched the victim's home and "found" pot. They still haven't searched the shooter's home. She was sent home for several hours after the incident - plenty of time to wipe hard drives, clean up, get rid of anything incriminating. Sadly media took the bait and led with the "marijuana" angle, no doubt pitched to try and bias a future jury by changing the narrative.

    Meanwhile . . .

    Dallas police officer Amber Guyger's family says they aren't racist, deny gestures in photos are white power signs

    upload_2018-9-14_17-5-51.png upload_2018-9-14_17-4-52.png
  27. a_chap

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  30. Saul Goodman

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    It sounds like bullshit is what it sounds like.
    Yeah right, course that's what happened. The dog handler misplaced his dog.
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