More police brutality than you can shake a stick at.

Discussion in 'world politics, current affairs and news' started by xes, May 14, 2012.

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    That's the video from above, but seems much clearer. Yup, no need to keep punching a guy when he's already restrained. You could see he was trying to keep his head up off the concrete, but the cop was punching down, like he wanted him to bust his nose or a few teeth out.
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  3. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

    What a stupid cunt. I think he got off lightly.
    And more proof (if any was needed) that cyclists are fucking stupid. :p
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  5. CRI

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    WTF was the guy on the bicycle thinking, even if it was his bag? The area was taped off, there must have been police vehicles, cops, etc. around. Why not walk up to someone and say, "Hey, that's my bag, really sorry I left it over there . . ?" He got decked, but doesn't look like he got punched while being restrained, or tasered, or shot. It looks like one of the cops actually moved partly in front of him, so may have "cushioned" some of the guy's impact on the pavement.

    Brutality? Not really.
  6. Ponyutd

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  7. Doctor Carrot

    Doctor Carrot Bear Grylls grills bare bears

    Did you see the body cam footage? 'I'm done with you you're gonna get dropped' I bet he felt like a big man tackling a 20 year old woman half his size to the ground and punching her in the head.
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  8. Mr.Bishie

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  9. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Fucking scum.
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  10. Dogsauce

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    Mysteriously some of the bodycam footage ‘disappeared’. Colour me surprised.
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  11. CRI

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    Family get $4 for dad shot by cop at home


    Edit - found this article saying the court reduced the compensation from $4 to 0.

    $4 award to family of black man fatally shot by cop is reduced to 0

    I'm sure the jury decided that after being shot through the head, Hill tucked the empty gun he'd threatened the cops with into his back pocket. :hmm:
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  12. GarveyLives

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  13. CRI

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  14. CRI

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  15. CRI

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  16. CRI

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    Police Pointed A Gun At Four Black Boys After A 911 Caller Falsely Claimed They Were Armed

  17. CRI

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    The Latest: Police say 4 protesters arrested after shooting

    Version from a reporter who was on the scene.

    Protesters, police square off in South Shore after officer fatally shoots man

    Twitter thread here. These are a couple excerpts.

    Illinois is now a concealed carry state, so this “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person” is pure bullshit. Unverified, but the reporter's Twitter thread says witnesses said he had a permit for the gun.
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  18. CRI

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    Perhaps not 100% the right thread for this, but close enough.

    Video shows deadly shooting over parking spot at Clearwater convenience store

  19. CRI

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    A ten year old child, FFS, the bastards.

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  20. CRI

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    Christ this!

    You can see the cops literally dragging the unconscious man between them - his head is lolling and his feet are dragging the ground. They then dump him on the concrete as they try and figure out how to get him into the back of the cop car. At 1.20 or so, you can see his feet on the ground, and it's clear they haven't even put him in the recovery position. Then, they shove him into the back of the car like a sack of coal.

  21. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    How about a bit of good news on a sunny day.

    Politiet presset ud af Christiania – betjent ramt af kasteskyts

    It’s in Danish but the video is class. .

    my account is that we told the police to fuck off and they were not welcome. The fat fucker crying is a bully and he deserved that. I’ve seen him in action in recent days.
    We did not use violence, we said go away and stood our ground, whilst advancing on theirs.

    Since then they have not been back. It’s a crazy situation right now with a far right Home Secretary having a no tolerance attitude to the cannabis trade.
    But it’s hot here like all over Europe. Only an idiot would come in harder as the city is like a tinderbox due to the Danish police policies ( of course focusing their attention on the poorer youth), I don’t know why they don’t just legalize apart from of course money.
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  22. Boris Sprinkler

    Boris Sprinkler Jah bless

    059C21DB-34B0-449E-8EB2-480CFE70F8FD.jpeg And Then they were seen getting back to the station. If South Eastern rail did police
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  24. Toast Rider

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  25. CRI

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    Multiple Police Cars Summoned to Arrest Selma Civil Rights Activist for Allegedly Stealing a Campaign Sign

  26. Brownglass

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  27. Toast Rider

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    My mate's stepdaughter is a police cadet.

    What can you say? She's a kid her head would explode if she saw stuff like this, even from UK incidents ("oh that' sdifferent, it's america!")

  28. CRI

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    Is she someone you could talk to? Perhaps a bit of a baptism of fire on institutional bigotry from someone she trusts might stretch her mind rather than blow it.

    Mind, that means she'll probably want to change her career path. Will suck for her being surrounded by unreconstructed bigots when she's at the bottom of the food chain. :(
  29. Toast Rider

    Toast Rider Banned Banned

    No, and besides I'd feel awful putting her out of a career, even if that career is steeped in structural violence. It's just one of those situations where it's not appropriate to speak out. If asked I would, as appropriately, as possible speak my views. But her mum, my mate's partner, is a bit of a 'sun reader' (literally and figuratively). Not remotely political and as a guest in their home I would feel desperately uncomfortable saying "by the way your daughter is training to become a brute!"

    :D :(
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    thanks, really interesting to get some input from Denmark - what's the future looking like for Christiana in general with a right wing home sec etc ?

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