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Discussion in 'general sports' started by Bernie Gunther, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Bonesy

    Bonesy 9"

    Taking the Gastelum fight at short notice I see... Not the best idea imo but shows that one thing Bisping doesn't lack is balls and the willingness to fight.
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  2. bromley

    bromley ...isn't as good as Lewisham.

    Over a year since the last Lightweight title fight...
  3. Bonesy

    Bonesy 9"

    Cracking finish by Gastleum. Horrible opponent for Bisping and his camp, he says his next fight will be his last. Hope he sticks to that.
  4. ice-is-forming

    ice-is-forming Well-Known Member

    I've got $20 on Holly. Just because ...
  5. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

  6. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    Since 'tainted supplements' are also a crap excuse used by deliberate cheats, its always good when tests can demonstrate a genuinely tainted supplement, and I dont blame him for suing them.

    Mind you at this point I feel that pro fighters should just try to avoid supplements altogether. It's not worth the risk and a lot of the 'rewards' from supplements are only psychological anyway.

    Overall I'm reasonably impressed with the USADA regime, body shapes in UFC have certainly changed notably in many instances in recent years. I'm sure stuff still goes on but at least there have been enough failures that the message is understood and people have to at least be less gratuitous about cheating.

    Weight-cutting/weight class issues still bother me a lot in terms of fighters health, a better system is needed. The latest high-profile example:

    Uriah Hall suffered ‘mini-seizure’ and ‘slight heart attack’ ahead of UFC St Louis

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  7. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    Yeah totally. Romero isn’t a Sonnen or Jones...the guy was honourable athlete before MMA. He’s a freak, doesn’t need it.
    The weight cutting part - I don’t understand why they don’t follow IBJFF/ADCC rules where fighters get weighed on the day. Would make more sense.

    I do wonder why it’s brought to attention now when such practices have existed in boxing for decades...

    Dana White questions Uriah Hall’s preparation, weight-cutting habits

    I was under impression Uriah Hall was a bit like Johny Hendricks - ie, doesn’t give a shit about diet, intake etc. Didn’t know he had a seizure. Jesus Christ...
  8. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    And here is an example of the opposite of that, when you find your crap excuses and dodgy evidence doesnt go well with USADA and your ban ends up increasing to 4 years!

    UFC bantamweight Francisco Rivera suspended four years by USADA

  9. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    I believe the reason that simple approach isnt taken is because fighters often dehydrate to meet weight, and the idea that being punched in the head when dehydrated is not good was taken into account heavily.

    Proper solutions to this stuff are probably a bit complicated - I know the changed the rules a year or two ago but arguably it hasnt helped there have been plenty of weight-cutting related weight issues since.

    One of the big underlying problems is that the weight-class you are in can make quite a competitive advantage or disadvantage. So the temptation to cut unhealthy amounts is always there, self-sustained by what a fighters peers are up to.
  10. tendril

    tendril Leave your money on the dresser

    Ngannou with the understatement of the year so far:

    "I think I underestimate him a little bit" :D

  11. Bonesy

    Bonesy 9"

    Brutal KO of Edgar by Ortiz, kid looked absolutely sensational. As well as his fighting style I like the serene energy he exudes, always seems in control, in and out of the cage. Could be a real force at 145, potential champion in my opinion.
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  12. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

  13. bromley

    bromley ...isn't as good as Lewisham.

  14. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    ...but that's all she's known for unfortunately.
    She should let the fighting do the talking.

    Cyborg and Joanna have had it tough too, like almost all of the other athletes.
    But we forget that and remember them for their fights.

    I can't remember any of Paige's fights except she's cute.
  15. bromley

    bromley ...isn't as good as Lewisham.

    I remember her fights, but yes probably due her looks. She is more than a good looking girl but does stand out from the other non-champion levels fighters because of it.
  16. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    Her most memorable fight was against rose She was totally outclassed but showed alot of potential and heart. Let's see how she will develop in the next few years.
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  17. ice-is-forming

    ice-is-forming Well-Known Member

    If you get a chance try and watch HEX 14 from Melbourne today. Some great fights! Really entertaining :) my mate (fight four) won his fight in the second round, his opponent didn't tap...just went to sleep :D
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  18. bromley

    bromley ...isn't as good as Lewisham.

  19. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    aye...when she was caught in RNC...

    good fight that one.
  20. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Where do you watch MMA?

    I just seem to end up watching old fights on youtube as its not on telebox.
  21. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    UFC/ BMMA/ UCMMA - BT Sports and Virgin TV - I subscribe unfortunately.
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  22. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    Lots of YouTube vids showing Wing Chun fighters getting their arses handed.

    The whole point of JKD was that it made Wing Chun functional and you still get traditionalists pretending Bruce Lee never happened.

    Love this vid...

  23. gawkrodger

    gawkrodger Well-Known Member

    Well Conor's completely lost it
  24. bromley

    bromley ...isn't as good as Lewisham.

    Hopefully won't be seeing him again.
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  25. elbows

    elbows WoeTimer

    I'd been hearing for a while that he'd gone well beyond the realms of hinged behaviour and it wasnt hard to imagine given his personality to start with. Now we have a proper incident to ram this home. edit - oh there was that incident in another MMA company wherre to entered the ring and did something and it wasnt all that long ago but I managed to forget about it and the detail.

    I'm under the impression that years ago he sought Ric Flairs approval to rip off and recycle aspects of Flairs character/gimmick. Flair is another who struggled to separate his actual self from his on-screen character, failing to turn the 'personality volume' back down to a more normal level when not on screen. And using the excesses of his character to justify all sorts of extremely selfish and indulgent behaviour over many decades. And thats pro wrestling where the victories arent real in a sports sense and the separation between tv character and real person should be more obviously understood by the performers. And where the millions are there to be made by some over a long period, not in the insanely large lumps that McGregor has managed to receive in recent years. So I suppose its not surprising if McGregor managed to self-destruct in a much shorter timeframe.
  26. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    No idea whether Magregor will serve any actual time over this, but afterwards you can guess how it will play out. He'll launch his own competitor to the UFC and we'll have multiple shit show circuses. Obnoxious cunt.
  27. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Patterdale Terrorist R.I.P.

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  28. bemused

    bemused Well-Known Member

    He's going to be sued into the dirt.
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  29. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    The idea that he's an outright cunt, was ramped up even more when the story mentioned the attack was carried out by him and his entourage.
  30. bemused

    bemused Well-Known Member

    He injured professional athletes, he's fucked.

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