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Metallica - where to start?

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I am sure you are aware, and I was going to post a warning picture but don't want to give these people the oxygen of publicity; it is Royal Ascot week.
Metallica fans mixing with this lot :D

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Tonight is gonna be dry. Ell Pie Island is near to tonights gig, so whatll be the equivelant, a who or stones number?:D

Rosemary Jest

Wrong and Unstable
Where to start with Metallica?

Watch the documentary , 'Some Kind of Monster' and realise what a bunch of whiny, crybaby, detached from reality wankers they are. Think it might be on Netflix, but I bought the DVD too as it's some of the best telly you'll ever see. :thumbs: It's like a real life version of Spinal Tap, it has to be seen to be believed. Might have to watch it again tonight. :D