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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by starfish2000, Jul 4, 2018.

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    I had a very expensive guitar stolen out of a car in Mill Hill in 2016. My insurance didn’t cover stuff out of the house at the time.

    I put a few searches on EBay to no avail.

    Then on Monday afternoon it popped up in my feed. The guitar was highly modified by me with very distinctive features. Even the serial number was still intact.

    I posed as the buyer to a very cagey guy who didn’t want I give a lot of detail.

    We met in a tube station in full view of working CCTV ( I checked beforehand). I had a look at the guitar and talked the guy over all the modifications. Showed him my original invoice from GuitarGuitar, photos and my Barclays finance agreement. Then he got sheepish.

    Then I offered him £200 as a reward. He agreed. Then got aggressive and tried to snatch the guitar. I shouted that he was a fence and people started to look at him. He then ran off.

    I tried to meet him with a Police officer. I went to Charing X nick in a taxi. But the met wouldn’t accept any part of my story because my crime number from 2016 isn’t in the current format. No one wanted to help me. So I did it myself.

    I’ve now updated them with the times of the meet so they can collect CCTV. I have the original PC badge number from Mill Hill nick. I’ve just checked the formats for 2016/2017 numbers using a freedom of information search. So I’m a little puzzled???

    The guy I got it back from has a prolific EBay profile. I suspect he fences stolen goods. But I’m not sure where to go with this.

    As I agreed to purchase the guitar on EBay. The guy has my home address. So I’m a bit worried.

    He sent me an email afterwards on EBay saying no worries. But it’s a worry!
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