march of resistance to public sector cuts, 20th december

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by frogwoman, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    hi, ive just seen this advertised on fb but people are saying its a fake and possibly organised by fash?

    anyone have any further info one way or another?
  2. quimcunx

    quimcunx Too tall.

  3. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    shit sorry
    december i mean
  4. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    anyway, can some1 confirm this one way or another?
  5. where to

    where to Well-Known Member

    I have followed this. Its fake. The organiser used NCACF logo and said RMT and Unite were supporting it (anyone in their right minds should immediately realise that that's lies already). This was confirmed as bollocks by NCACF and when the organiser was probed on it he accepted it as lies, removed references to these organisations, made up the names of new "supporting organisations" (National Peoples Initiative or some bollocks) and refused to explain why he'd lied. He then removed all criticisms and said that people were trying to smear the event and that the page would soon be removed by Facebook on the instruction of the Police bla bla bla. He removed some of my own posts in fact.

    The organiser was then revealed to be a "John Abraham", and I think this is correct (not 100% tho). John Abraham's Facebook page quotes Mussolini admiringly and "likes" Geert Wilders. He probably admires the EDL but suspicions of an EDL trap are far-fetched in my view, probably just a sad cunt. But who knows. Definitely a dirty lying, smearing, twisted cunt though.

    Please pass this on to others if you feel you know me as a poster. Its fake and very dodgy.
  6. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    as far as i can tell it was called by a stroppy 17 year old who has a quote by gert wilders in his profile and possibly a bit of a hard on for edl, seems to have snowballed since then

    maybe there is something more sinister behind it but i doubt it, but it has been fun watching clare solomon and ncafc all losing the collective plot over it
  7. where to

    where to Well-Known Member

    Not really, this dirty cunt is wasting a lot of peoples time and worrying people who are quite rightly concerned of some sort of trap. When you're mobilising schoolkids as NCACF are then you have certain responsibilities and if NCACF are getting anxious it only shows that they are decent people.

    This isn't about control its about responsibilities. The truth is that NCACF are if anything overly naive, many talking about not wanting to stop others organising themselves, despite the fact that its bloody obvious that this cunt has sinister or at least malicious intentions.

    And FWIW, there are anarchists in NCACF.
  8. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    yeah but, theres been no end of people on the group saying fuck who's organised it, we wanna protest anyway, the meet point is great (piccadilly circus) and the bnp/edl smears look as without foundation as the initial claim the protest was endorsed by ncafc

    they may be talking about not wanting to stop others organising themselves - like they have the fucking right to do so anyway - but the statement they put out and the bleating from solomon has not reflected that

    there are anarchists involved in climate camp, that dont stop them being a bunch of elitist cunts :p
  9. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    Looks incredibly dodgy to me. Wouldn't touch it. (For anyone reading who's not seen assorted links, they're on the main london student protests thread.)
  10. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    so does that mean we condemn anyone who calls for action (and appears to have almost 2000 folk say theyre attending) who isnt part of an official group or doesnt have perfect liberal credentials

    this whole facebook/twitter thing is new as an means of organising, mistakes are gonna get made,people will learn, but if a thousand militant pissed off kids land in the heart of the west end with four shopping days to go till christmas that could be far more meaningful than the police agreed marches and boring speeches ncafc have attempted to organise so far (that have been largely ignored by the participants)
  11. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    You can't lie like that by "mistake", that's crap (surprised he didn't say "oh my brother posted that bit") and the rest of the details make me think it's either a wind-up or some active counter campaign or attempt to get the EDL into the protests, none of which I would touch.
  12. where to

    where to Well-Known Member

    What are you on about??? This has got fuck all to do with ideology its about acting in a safety conscious responsible way. Liberal credentials???

    Nobody's stopping anyone attend, people just object to school kids being tricked into attending an event based on lies by dodgy fuckers./
    yes, we should condemn outright proven liars. every fucking time. That's got fuck all to do with elitism or cuntism.

    You need a rethink here.
  13. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member

    what was 'safety conscious' about encouraging schoolkids to go to parliament to protest, a number who will now have criminal records, yes they have autonomy but they were encouraged by adults,
  14. ymu

    ymu Niall Ferguson's deep-cover sock-puppet

    I think it's worth being a little bit wary of this one, given what the EDL have said elsewhere.

  15. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    ok, maybe i didnt put it very well

    ive been keeping an eye on the group - one thing thats been expressed by a lot of people has been fuck who organised it, lets do it anyway

    the smears from solomon and the like that its an edl/bnp protest are just as without foundation as the original organisers claims of endorsements - which he/they have apologised for btw claiming they got carried away

    now that could all be bullshit, it could even be an edl trap as solomon and assorted hangers on have claimed - lots of the kids attending know that and have said fuck lets do it anyway, the muppet who called it has become irrelevent - again a new feature of this method of organisation

    im not endosring it, i havent promoted it and doubt ill attend, but ffs let people work these things out for themselves without smears of fascist or ncafc boasts that only they can organise because it takes money and liaison with the police (which is the impression they have given out in their statement responding to this)
  16. where to

    where to Well-Known Member

    They hardly need encouraging, its happening. [ to treelover ]
  17. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    nothing, let them make their own decisions
  18. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    so what do you think will happen that is so bad
  19. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    the protest i went to on fri was organised by 12 year old schoolkids and it was one of the best protests i've ever been to in my life, they're obviously not going to know much about socialism or anything like that, but they know whats going on and no "adults" told them to organise it (in fact, if anything tried to scared them off...)
  20. ymu

    ymu Niall Ferguson's deep-cover sock-puppet

  21. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    Obviously people are going to make their own decisions. I'm hardly making decisions for them if I say I think it's massively dodgy and I'd go nowhere near it (well, actually I'm quite curious as to what the actual point is, but wouldn't go as an actual participant).

    It's hardly "smears" to point out somebody's statements of sympathy (and claims of being EDL) and that they've blatantly lied to try to get support.
  22. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    whats massively dodgy about it

    kids who've said we dont care if edl are there, we dont care its not organised by ncafc, we wanna go out on the streets

    i think thats fucking great

    (however i fully predict a damp squib, but thats okay - a lesson learnt)
  23. where to

    where to Well-Known Member

    you don't have any reluctance about what could transpire with that? that's not good.

    going round in circles a bit here.
  24. Paulie Tandoori

    Paulie Tandoori shut it you egg!


  25. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    what do you think could happen thats so bad?
  26. ymu

    ymu Niall Ferguson's deep-cover sock-puppet

    Did you bother clicking the links I gave you?

    There is a small possibility that there is a connection. It seems unlikely that the EDL have enough numbers, let alone enough courage, to do very much - but those reports are one reason why there is some concern about this, above and beyond the fash trying to hijack events.
  27. ernestolynch

    ernestolynch Banned Banned

    I agree with smoky. Is this Nacasf or whatever trying to be a vanguard, and who the fuck is Clare Solomon and why has she elected herself leader?
  28. ymu

    ymu Niall Ferguson's deep-cover sock-puppet

    Solomon is an ex-swappie. She can't help herself. Not sure she's got much to do with NCAFC though - beyond being part of the broad coalition. She's Counterfire/CoR, no?
  29. Captain Hurrah

    Captain Hurrah STALINIST Banned

    She's the 'golly fucking gosh' student leader at SOAS, going through a radical phase. Although she left it a bit late, she's pushing forty.
  30. smokedout

    smokedout criminal

    what do you think could happen thats so bad?

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