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Manchester United 19/20: You can't win anything with kids (revisited)

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The hope will be that if he somehow rediscovers his form then he'd be a saleable asset again. At the moment no-one is remotely interested in taking him but if he has a good season in Italy they could potentially sell him on and recoup a fee, plus get his whole wages off the books. Saving £5m is useful but not the main point really.


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It's probably just as well my give-a-fuck levels for Man United (and most premier league football) have been on the decrease for years thanks to the creep of modern football with all the big money corporatization, slapping sponsor logos on everything and calling it 'official' on top of the Premier League, Sky et al getting way too close to scum gambling companies for my liking.

That's before factoring in the increasingly charisma-free world of professional players themselves and the general cost to watch this 'entertainment'


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You managed to resist the Alkmaar juggernaut.

Can you keep Newcastle out at the weekend? Could be a valuable point.


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Did not even realise there was any football on tonight. Goalless draw :hmm: sounds like there were mitigating factors.
Boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said the plastic pitch was one of the "worst ones I have seen for a long while".


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Pitch, penalty situation going on apparantly

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to BT Sport: "It’s a penalty 101 times out of 100. How many times this season have we not got penalties? Same against Arsenal, that’s a 2-0 lead if we get that one. Now a 1-0 lead here.


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United failed to have a single shot on target in an uninspired showing and have now failed to win in their past 10 away games.
"It's frustrating getting these little things. The boys deserve so much more. It's going to turn at one point and we'll get the decisions and then they'll get the results we deserve."


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Not a bad half...

Had two shot against Newcastle in the first half. None on target but it is still a shot.