Manchester United 18/19: finishing second best

Discussion in 'football' started by chilango, May 26, 2018.

  1. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    He's speaks perfectly good English .
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  2. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    He first said "heritage", and then asked for the verb from the assembled press, which was established as "inherit". So it makes sense that he meant to say inheritance, especially when you watch the press conference. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese and know that our word "heritage" splits as herencia/patrimonio in Spanish depending on the context. I think that tripped him up.

    I feel very sure that's what happened.
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  3. sealion

    sealion Splish splash splosh

    They do look stronger than last season, united will be there biggest test to date, although they have done well at home to united in recent meetings.
    They've been on a winless run from last April, so i don't think it's just the distraction of playing twice a week, if anything they should have an edge on teams, fitness wise and having played more games. Still they will raise their game, it being a derby of sorts.
    They did well against city because they had real a go, fair play and why sit back and take a hiding. I can see them rattling united if they do the same.
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  4. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    A bit like Suarez with his negrito remark? ;):p
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  5. happie chappie

    happie chappie Well-Known Member

    I don't think that makes any difference at all.

    The whole press conference (and I use that term in its loosest possible sense as he hardly let anyone actually ask a question) consisted of Jose using United's past record in the competition to justify the abysmal present.

    It was pathetic, as was the team's performance.
  6. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    Yes okay. I mean I'm a Liverpool fan. I'm not sticking up for Jose - I was just adding a caveat.
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  7. BCBlues

    BCBlues Lend us a Twenner

    Nothing he does is original...

  8. agricola

    agricola a genuine importer of owls

    The way they are playing they could easily end up with one point; Watford are flying and Wolves were impressive against Everton, unlucky against Leicester (and looked better than United did in beating the same opposition) and even more impressive against City. I'd have thought that anyone playing United in the next month is going to have a go just because they look so vulnerable.
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  9. Dandred

    Dandred Mmmmm Beer!

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  10. Badgers

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  11. Wilf

    Wilf Meeting few of his KPIs

    Group H
    Juventus, Manchester United, Valencia, Young Boys

    Oh, dear. The above is what might finish him off.
  12. steveo87

    steveo87 Procrastinating for....a while

    Finished off by Young Boys.

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  13. Badgers

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  14. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

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  15. Badgers

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  16. Riklet

    Riklet procrastinación

    Blooody hell they cant let them pull this one back....

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