Manchester United 18/19: finishing second best

Discussion in 'football' started by chilango, May 26, 2018.

  1. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

  2. Wilf

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  3. BCBlues

    BCBlues Lend us a Twenner

    What's the situation with the Portugese National manager? Maybe he thinks it's time he took on that one?
  4. chilango

    chilango Neither Westminster nor Brussels....

    Jose doesn't seem to enjoy it any more.

    Wouldn't be surprised if he walked away. From United, and the game, soon.
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  5. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    He will hang in and hope to get fired for his big payout
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  6. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    we're in the wrong jobs, badgers :(
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  7. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    I could turn that miserable squad around :mad:
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  8. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    Today's high pressure game needs a younger sociopath.
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  9. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

    just so, and with you in the role of auld moany and me doing the other job we'd have them winning before you could say do svedanya
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  10. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    ... I'd do my teamtalk with Roy Keane wheeled in Hannibal Lecter style to keep their minds focused.
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  11. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    I was always one to slightly underestimate Alex Ferguson's achievements. Always acknowledged he was a great manager, won masses of trophies, found ways to win etc. The bit I got wrong was thinking 'yeah, he had a massive trophy haul, but a couple of recent Barca and Madrid managers have done better than him over say a 3 year period. Fergie only got that many cos he stayed for so long'. That was a bit daft really, the staying so long and putting up with the pressures, reinventing the team and their style was actually the most impressive thing. You can't say Mourhino hasn't been a great manager, and his version of greatness is doing it at different clubs. But in retrospect, staying put, coping with the ups and downs and constant pressure, recreating the squad and all that is the more impressive CV.
  12. steveo87

    steveo87 Procrastinating for....a while

  13. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Hes a national legend after winning the Euros so I think it'll be more of case when he steps down rather than be sacked. Obviously the Portuguese squad is going to change with Pepe, Quatesma , Ronaldo all getting older and older along with Bruno and Fonte. There's some great Portuguese talent spread all over the world and if there is a criticism of Santos is that he's not great on experimenting with players breaking through abroad . Personally I don't think Mourinho is going anywhere just yet. United have a champions league to contend with and they'll challenge for a top four spot .
  14. dessiato

    dessiato Life is a lemon, and I want my money back

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  15. Hollis

    Hollis Bloody furious

    Ferguson's book on leadership is insightful and a good read. He certainly covers the whole problem of moving people on and creating new teams..
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  16. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    The thing that was really bizarre about the 'respect respect respect' outburst what that he was effectively saying 'Respect me because I won 3 titles managing your rivals ,
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  17. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    When he (Mourhino) was on it, he had a great touch in terms of man management and creating little media storms (even if he was always a cunt). Never knew how much was instinctive and how much was calculating. It's certainly always been about him, something he showed in spades last night. Ferguson would have been every bit as grumpy and aggressive, but would never have looked so ridiculous. I think he's so arrogant and solipsistic that he can't conceive of another way of speaking to people. And what does this all do the club and, most of all, the players confidence?
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  18. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Uniteds fixture list for the next month doesn't look too demanding, a couple of wins on the bounce and all this will start to be forgotten.
  19. editor

    editor hiraethified

    You reckon?
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  20. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    There is a Man Utd pen on my desk at work, for some reason. I normally avoid it, but today, I picked it up without looking and tried to wrote something.

    It seemed to work at first, something clicked. But then, as soon as any pressure was applied, the top blew off and the whole thing fell to pieces.

    I'm fairly sure this a just a coincidence.
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  21. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Wolves might be tricky but if they beat them itll be 'city only got a draw' type euphoria
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  22. agricola

    agricola a genuine importer of owls

    In a lot of ways he reminds me of Zlatan, in that he is a fantastic talent who would have graced any period of football but whose ego cannot accept the fact that someone is better than him.
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  23. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    He would probably get clinically diagnosed as a narcissist wouldn't he?

    His reactions to personal criticisms are off the chart.
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  24. happie chappie

    happie chappie Well-Known Member

    Agreed - in fact he may even be displaying some psychopathic tendencies.

    I challenge anyone to watch Jose’s press conference after the Seville game and not get angry.

    Rather than putting his hands up and saying he got it wrong he ranted about United’s “heritage”.

    Fuck that - if I want a history lesson I’d go and buy a David Meek book.

    Jose’s paid millions to make it better, not delve back into the past as a justification for abysmal performances.

    His pre and post-match Spurs press conferences were equally embarrassing.

    Yes - the media can be arseholes, but dealing with questions with a degree of dignity and common sense is the least that can be expected, especially as he has an army of PR people and press officers around him.

    The press are only asking the questions that we as fans would ask, and want answered. If Jose can’t stand the heat etc etc.

    Anyway, if he’s happy to slag off his players in front of the media he can hardly complain if the media give him a (relatively) hard time when things go wrong on the pitch.

    I can take more or less anything. What I can’t stand is the club I love and have followed for almost 50 years being publicly embarrassed by the manager’s behaviour.
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  25. sealion

    sealion Well-Known Member

    Mourinho has turned things around, when he got there the fans were miserble and depressed, they are now depressed and miserable.
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  26. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Starry Wisdom

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  27. sealion

    sealion Well-Known Member

    Burnley away, Watford away and Wolves at home, they could lose at least one of them as they did at Brighton. Losing to Spurs and Man city might buy him some time, i doubt it will to lesser teams.
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  28. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    This. He has lost it. He's just looking for the pay off now.

    much as I have sympathy for genuine United fans (actually, that's a lie) I can't help laughing. There's an "anyone but England" thread. Most of us are "Anyone but Man U". Sorry, drunken rant, but why would anyone give a shit about Man U being shit?
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  29. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    It was an unfortunate mistake - but looking at that I think that he wanted to say "inheritance" (herencia in Spanish), and got it confused with heritage, which makes the whole thing somewhat less injurious. Less of a slur on the club that way.
  30. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    Watford have had a good start whether they can continue it is open to question. Wolves are a top ten side but lack experience at this level. Burnley aren't the Burnley of last year. He needs 7 points from those games to ease the pressure, 9 and he'll be smelling of roses.
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