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Majestical Lips on Atlantic Road for rent for a hefty £16.5k/annum


"Red Guard"(NLYL)
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Lob in another £5k for rates on top and you're looking at one pricey unit in a shit part of Brixton (retail-wise).

Mind you, that strip is slowly gentrifying itself into a prime Nu-Brixton offering, with the posh coffee shop, the trendy barbers, the wanky Wine Parlour, the floundering Flip'n'Dip and that hipster craft beer shop....
Maybe the trick these days is to do like Sir Philip Green - once ensconced go into a CVA and try to force the landlord and business rate authority (Crapita?) to take a hefty reduction.

Alternatively there are 2 possible business rate exceptions for such a property in Brixton - place of public worship (Heaven forbid!) or facility for specific use of disabled people.