Mail on Sunday in "Paddick is a have a go hero" shocker!

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. al

    al window licker

    yeah - and when I see 'em - there'll be trouble!!! ;)

    damnit mike - now I look really silly! For everyone else - Mike originally posted ".... for al to see." - and me being the wag that I am thought it would be amusing to pick up on the minor typo as indication that Mike would be allowing only me to see this PM. Only it doesn't make sense anymore - ah well, I'll just bow out of this one and mumble to myself in the corner...
  2. Ema - Sweeping Generalisations

    Ema Wrote - "As regards the police they are mostly ill-educated but people who simply like the authority that their employment gives to them."

    Ello, Ello, Ello ... whats going on here then?

    Oh a Journalistic type making a sweeping statement - how rare!!

    It would be nice, if you as a reseacher (Yeah sure you are!), made some reasonable efforts to look for evidence to back up your claims. After all, you are a researcher - ain't you?

    As for your Salary being so high, do you really feel that you are worthy of this amount. Not the Police Officer who gets spat at, abused, assaulted regulary. If the salary is so low, why do they do it?

    Individually all will have an answer to give. Most of them wish to help others, help the community and make the streets safer.

    Ema, for what reason do you do you job, are you motivated by money only, it certainly does not seem that you are motivated by "finding the Truth". You are a poor example of a human being.
  3. crash12bandit

    crash12bandit New Member

    Come on then Ema.. you filthy Essex slag .... oh oh sorry was that a generalisation.. oh I am so sorry!! Lets have it.. Have you and courage in your convictions, or are you just a loud mouth twat?
  4. harry's afro hut

    harry's afro hut not Harry, no afro or hut

    hey Mike whassup with posting this PM? I read this at the weekend and curiosity makes me come back to see....errr not a lot.

    at least let us know if she sent a grovelly PM. Either way methinks a name change from Ema might be on the cards...

    God I'm such a nosey c@$t!!
  5. detective-boy

    detective-boy Banned Banned

    Ignorant coppers

    Emma, you're talking crap.

    The number of graduates in the police service is increasing all the time. You know about the Chief Constables with doctorates I presume? What about the murder squad detectives with the same level of qualification? Not that many I grant you, but I would guess even one would be a surprise judging by your comments.

    Mind you, maintaining the stereotype that we are all thick ain't all bad news - lawyers fall for it as well and get really slaughtered when we run rings round them at Court! (BSc, LLb and MBA in case you're interested).

    Agree with your point that it should be made a degree-level profession though. The amount of stuff we expect the average copper to know (and be able to deliver) is now enormous - it's not been all walking round, shaking hands with locked doors and knowing how to tell the time for many years.
  6. dr256

    dr256 New Member

    mr porter says it best.

    edited having washed my mouth out with soap and water.
  7. wildwildlifer

    wildwildlifer Rather small member

    is there anybody on these boards who has to access to a mole or 'Deep Throat' at the Mail or particularly the Mail On Sunday.
    It could be very helpful to establish a real-life identity to'Ema Petrova who claims to have been involved in he previous Paddick smear.
    Her name may be Ellen, she probably lives in Essex or less likely comes from there. She is probably in her 50s and probably works for The Mail On Sunday as a senior researcher though perhaps freelance. There can't be too many like that.....
    If this is against the rules of the board feel free to moderate it.....
    I just thought a dash of sauce for the goose would be ..
  8. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Here'a an interesting thing. I've received an email from someone saying that they are a freelance journo for the Mail on Sunday and that 'Ema' used his account with his permission.

    He's given me his full name and address but not replied to my request that he name this mysterious poster who somehow got access to his account.

    I'm a little rushed off my feet right now, but this is certainly something I intend to follow up with vigour.

    I'm not feeling too impressed with the Mail on Sunday right now, you see...
  9. TinyCrendon

    TinyCrendon New Member

    He's a freelance, at Northcliffe House ? He works where ? That sounds like bollocks. Freelance journos hardly ever get `accounts` at Associated...hmmm...keep on at em...
  10. GaryWary

    GaryWary Guest

    The chap that.. (well assume a chap)

    Steady on love... I am stoned. You lost me at hello my name is Ema Petrova. :D
  11. Stobart Stopper

    Stobart Stopper Well-Known Member

    Hi Emma

    so, you think most police officers are badly-educated do you?

    Explain yourself. why don't you PM me.
  12. harry's afro hut

    harry's afro hut not Harry, no afro or hut

    methinks she's runaway Lara. have you got back on Femail yet after your ban? I've posted a few there but they've been in a rush and poor even by my standards. Its still like shooting fish in a barrel though unlike here where to contradict an opinion you have to come prepared and REALLY know some good shit.

    I might be banned when I go back as I revealed the truth about Diana - it was Brian Paddick!

    PM from Ema please Mike...:)
  13. Ignorant coppers

    If there are so many graduates joining up, why do they not demand that cannabis is made legal?

    After all, most if not all, students have smoked cannabis at some point, if not throughout, their student careers.

    I do not believe that a having a degree should be pre-requiste to joining the Police Service, to find my reasoning behind that, in order to be well balanced the Police Service need to take in from all backgrounds. Of course these people must all pass the entrance exam.

    Has anyone here sat the Police entrance exam?

    An example
    A triangle has how many sides?

    a) Blue
    b) Rugby
    c) Three
    d) Ice Lolly


    For any West Midlands Police Officers the answer is c) Three.

    I am jesting a little, but believe me that exams are easier than any other exam you could hope to sit.
  14. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Ema Petrova PM coming up very shortly.... look out for the offending PM being posted very, very soon!!
  15. GaryWary

    GaryWary Guest

    Re: Ignorant coppers

    I went to Brunel. I would say about 25% of the population smoked cannabis.. not as you say "most if not all". Furthermore, on my degree there was 40 students. I know only 5 of them smoked. 3 of those dropped out! A coincidence? Methinks not. I am not implying that all cannabis users are dropouts, I am just saying it makes drop out more possible. Antimotivational syndrom has a basis in reality even if other cannabis myths do not.

    I didn't smoke at all during my degree. I worked like a demon though. I wanted a 1st class. I have to say this.. but most of the dropouts I knew got heavily into smoking cannabis before dropping out.. I know a dozen people who did this. I like cannabis, but let's not make it out to be the best and only thing in the world - it isn't. It has it's little problems.
  16. detective-boy

    detective-boy Banned Banned

    Ignorant coppers

    Hi, Another Number

    Your comments taken in the spirit in which they are intended.

    That said, a couple of points. No matter how many police officers believe cannabis should be made legal they cannot demand that. Changes to the law are a matter for the will of the people, expressed through Parliament (I know, I know, it's a pretty crap system, but it's what we're stuck with at present). All coppers can do is exercise their discretion in the application of the current laws (and this brings us back to Brain Paddick's initial cannabis scheme which formalised what was (and is) being done elsewhere (i.e. informal caution and bin the offending item).

    As for degrees, totally agree with your belief that the police should recruit from the widest possible spread of backgrounds. But degrees are far more commonly accessible now than they were. And there's no reason why the degree has to be had up front - like nursing we could recruit anyone and use their training (properly accredited) to lead to a degree at the end of their probation or whatever (as can be the case with nursing as I understand).

    My point was that what we expect of coppers is degree-level stuff.
  17. Fair Comment Detective Boy

    But I would Like to see anyone who wishes to join the Police Service have at least 6 months in as a Special Constable. I believe this should be part of the application process.

    This would lead to more free coppers on the street, not just Uniform Hangers, or Hobby Bobbies. Those that were not successful would likely stay, or at least a high percentage. Those that found they were not suited would leave, those unfit to where the uniform could/should be noticed early on, thus saving money.

    What do you reckon?

    A Number
  18. Not Sweating

    Not Sweating

    i work my way through all that and the private message we've (ipresume) all been waiting for still hasn't been published?!? come on ed, some of us have to pay for our online time.......:confused:
  19. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    It's in the 'UPDATE LEGAL ACTION Ema Petrova/Mail On Sunday' thread.........
  20. detective-boy

    detective-boy Banned Banned

    Fair Comment Detective Boy

    Not a bad idea in principle, but I think it might be asking a bit much of people, expecting them to effectively do their probationary period for nothing!

    As things stand, there is a two year probationary period which is designed to allow either the MPS or the newe officer to decide it's not for them and relatively simply break the connection. Unfortunately, years of bureaucracy have rendered it pretty difficult to achieve - perhaps it would be better to re-visit that.

    And your question raises the issue of why the Special Constabulary have been missed out of the street wardens / two-tier policing debate - why go directly to non-police officers rather than revamping the Special Constabulary (perhaps by paying he volunteers for the time they do on the same basis as the Territorial Army)

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