M11 Link Road (the protest)

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Firky, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. el-ahrairah

    el-ahrairah forward communism, forward gerbils!

    hello *waves*

    should probably yip tbf but the old throat isn't what it was :D
  2. LeytonstiniaOH

    LeytonstiniaOH New Member

    I wasn't there, but I *really* want to talk to anyone who was.

    I'm working on an oral history project that's documenting the stories and memories of people that were involved in the No M11 Link Road Campaign. It's early days, but here is our blog - http://voicesofleytonstonia.blogspot.co.uk/

    Would love to hear from you if you fancy recording your memories for posterity :)
  3. editor

    editor Forked with electrons

    I only popped along a couple of times. There was a wonderful spirit there.
  4. LeytonstiniaOH

    LeytonstiniaOH New Member

    Been working with a group of kids from the woodcraft folk on an oral history project about these times. Interviewing interesting people, gathering stories and memorabilia and trying to get young people engaged... There's a blog if you're interested Voices of Leytonstonia
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  5. stethoscope

    stethoscope Well-Known Member

    The original link above is now dead (site taken over by some marketing guff - says it all really), but noticed the film has been uploaded...

  6. lazythursday

    lazythursday Well-Known Member

    The Highways Agency and evil developer bastards Peel (who seem to basically run the northwest of England) are planning on bulldozing a highway right through the Rimrose valley - north Liverpool's last significant natural green space. It fucking makes my blood boil. I would so love the spirit of the 90s road protests to reanimate for this one but it all seems a long time ago and activists round here of that type are more focused on fracking.
  7. phillm

    phillm Trolling through Life (TM)

    yes spent the night on the roof as a callow youth and sometimes sleeping in an empty bath in the middle of the terrace. The tower of power was awesome....I remember quitting at about 7 in the morning despite protestations of friends to slug it out - as you came down you were blinded by the lights of riot police filming and processing you. Bastards.
  8. chilango

    chilango Neither Westminster nor Brussels....

    I did a painting about this a few years back when I was still painting.

    Once Upon a Time.jpg
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  9. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

    Nice work.
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  10. chilango

    chilango Neither Westminster nor Brussels....

    I've also, somehow, managed to hang onto a copy of this through dozens of moves...

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