Loughborough park estate Brixton Guinness evictions info wanted

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Dorset Mike, May 16, 2018.

  1. Dorset Mike

    Dorset Mike New Member

    Hello from Dorset

    What has the title got to do with me here in Dorset? I live on the Prince of Wales development on Poundbury Dorset I am a social housing tenant and my problem is the Guinness Partnership.

    I would be interested in being able to contact anyone who worked on the legal side of thing for those tenants at Loughborough Park solicitors or advisers I have a real big problems with this Guinness Housing association they are appalling lying bullying dishonest and need to be brought to account. I would therefor like to be pointed in the direction of somebody who may be interested in helping me I have no money so no South of England Solicitor will touch it and also it is Prince Charles pet scheme another reason they wont touch it, Guinness by the way only manage my home on behalf of HRH Duchy of Cornwall Poundbury Estates, in a nutshell with my ongoing problem the Guinness Partnership are not fit for purpose.

    Thank you for your anticipated help


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