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    Life of LEMB

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    I don't get this discussion.
    If the miscreants are being prosecuted they must have been reported as fraudulent by Lambeth Council.
    Why would 20 or so EMB people, having given evidence in court be inclined to truthfully and sensibly answer a FOI?

    Ultimately this is down to Lambeth Council IMHO - and the auditors of the EMB.
    I wouldn't jhold out much hope of the auditors assisting though. Many audit firms are themselves under investigation these days.
    Suggest you check Grant Thornton as an example. I could give you ancient history on them, but most recently they resigned as auditors of Mike Ashley's Sports Direct when he told them on the day of the companies results he had been hit with a tax demand from Brussels.
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    LEMB would be accountable under the Freedom of information act as they are a public body.
    If not then Lambeth Council would be. depends on what information your asking for and if its available.

    what information would you ask for?

    A list of all creditors paid over the past 8 years?
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    How about getting those People's Audit people on the case then?
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    Trial (Part Heard) - Jury retire to consider verdict 09/08/2019 13:12
    Trial (Part Heard) - Hearing finished for FOLASADE ADEDOTON 09/08/2019 13:20

    Inner London / 09-08-2019

    Hearing Finished : The hearing of the case is concluded for today. It is not an indication that the case has finished just that today's hearing has finished.

    we are now waiting for :

    Verdict A verdict has been reached by the jury and is being presented to the court. The verdict must be unanimous unless, under certain circumstances, a majority decision has been deemed acceptable
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    Can the jury reach a Majority Verdict ?

    A majority verdict (in favour either of a verdict of Guilty or a verdict of Not Guilty) is permitted only after the judge gives the jury a majority direction. A majority direction can only be given at least 2 hours and 10 minutes after retirement, although it is rare to give a majority direction after such a short period of time. Much depends on the complexity of the case and the issues involved and in a long and complex case it can be days before a majority direction is given. Often the judge will only give such a direction after discussion with the prosecution and defence advocates. Notwithstanding the precise timing of a majority direction, it is extremely important that a jury should never feel under pressure of time to reach a verdict.

    There will be 12 jurors at the start of any criminal trial but sometimes jurors are discharged during the trial due to illness or for some other good reason. The minimum number of jurors permissible is 9, so any less would require the trial to be aborted.

    When a majority direction is given the jury will be called back into court and told that the time has been reached at which a verdict of Guilty or Not Guilty by a majority can be accepted. They will be told what the permissible majority is and this will depend on the number of jurors left on the jury. When there are 12 jurors the majority verdict can be 11-1 or 10-2. When there are 11 jurors the permissible majority verdict is 10-1. For 10 jurors it is 9-1. For 9 jurors no majority verdict is permitted so no such direction could be given.

    If a jury returns after receiving a majority direction, the court clerk will ask the foreman if at least 10 of them (or 9 if there are only 10 jurors) have agreed on their verdict; if the answer is yes the foreman will be asked if the verdict is Guilty or Not Guilty. If it is Guilty the foreman will be asked if that is the verdict ‘of you all or by a majority?’ If it is by a majority the next question is how many agreed and how many dissented? If, on the other hand, the verdict is Not Guilty the court clerk will not go on to ask if it is a majority verdict.

    What happens if the jury cannot agree on a verdict? The Hung Jury
    If a jury cannot agree on a verdict, either unanimously or by a permissible majority, they will be discharged. A jury who are unable to agree on a verdict are known as a hung jury. It is often quite obvious when a jury cannot reach a verdict, not only from the time it is taking to hear from them but also from their body language when they are asked to return to the courtroom.

    Crown Court trial Part 3 | Defence-Barrister.co.uk — Defence-Barrister.co.uk
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    Odd and a general question but in a court case are the defendants or their barristers given the verdict of a jury before it is announced in court in front of the judge?
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    the jury may return a verdict (Guilty / Not Guilty) at any time. They are sitting in the backroom of the courtroom. Normal working hours are (not before) 10 am and (not later than) 4.30 - 5 pm.
    When the jury has agreed on a verdict, they knock the door and let the usher know about it. In fact that general message ("verdict") is being passed on the paper to the judge directly. All parties are then called to the courtroom, what is announced via loudspeakers fitted along the corridors : "All parties in Adedotun please come to the courtroom 3". Therefore the parties i.e. defendants, defence team, prosecutors must be in /around the building (the court) all the time. When all are present (including the judge !) the usher asks the foreman who is a member of the jury, to stand up and answer only "yes" or "no" to the questions of unanimity /majority of the decision and, further, "on count 1 do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?" , "on count 2 do you find...".
    If the defendant is found to be guilty, the sentence will be decided some times later (up to few weeks), taking into account the aggravating and mitigating circumstances of the case.

    If the defendant is found not guilty, he / she is free to go.

    Answering your question : absolutely no one knows a verdict of the jury until and unless it is announced by the foreman.

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    Thanks local guy. Appreciate it.
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    Agree with BusLanes its worth doing anyway to see.

  11. CH1

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    To put the sentencing into perspective - if either of them is found guilty - consider this case reported in the Standard on Friday.

    Accounts administrator at "The Guardian" media group syphoned off £138,000 between August 2017 and October 2018 to pay for his wedding and honeymoon in the Seychelles.

    Sentence 20 months imprisonment.
    Guardian worker who stole £138k to fund wedding jailed for 20 months
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    Any news from Court 3?
    From posting #2916 it appears the Jury may still be out.
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    Wow not a bad weekly rate!

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    TMO chair and ex-council officer found not guilty of fraud

    TMO chair and ex-council officer found not guilty of fraud
    News12/08/193:45 PM by Nathaniel Barker
    A tenant management organisation (TMO) chair and an ex-council officer accused of defrauding a London council have been acquitted.

    Jurors found Peter Shorinwa, chair of the Loughborough Estate Management Board (LEMB) in Lambeth, and Folasade Adedotun not guilty of fraud by abuse of position at the Inner London Crown Court on Friday.

    Ms Adedotun was also found not guilty of a second charge of fraud by failure to disclose.

    Lambeth Council had accused the pair of making a fraudulent payment of £56,308.32 to Ms Adedotun in November 2016.
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    Ain't that the truth!
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    The trial of those accused of the murder of Glendon Spence, which was witnessed by a number of children has now commenced at the Central Criminal Court:

    Glendon Spence death: Attack at Brixton youth centre was 'merciless'
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    Regarding the LEMB trial, I have found it difficult to obtain information, but this paragraph is quite interesting:

    "Lawyers defending Mr Shorinwa and Ms Adedotun argued that they believed the £56,000 payment – which was later repaid – had been legitimate and described a “David and Goliath battle” between LEMB and Lambeth Council."

    If it is true that the £56,000 had been repaid, isn't it a bit odd to prosecute?
    I don't know much about the law, but isn't it unusual for people committing fraud to make restitution voluntarily?

    I wonder if the EMB board paid back their £2,500 expenses payments?
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    There’s an interesting planning application for the corner of Hinton Road. Got a letter about it today. I wonder who’s behind it. Can imagine the people behind will be too pleased about the complete light blockage

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