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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by teuchter, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. goldengraham

    goldengraham Well-Known Member

    Vale St recycling takes fridges and cookers, if you know anyone with a big enough car/van it might be possible to take them down yourself
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  2. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    I don't think you can take a van into Vale Street but I do see people with them parked outside and then taking stuff in on foot
  3. editor

    editor hiraethified

  4. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I didn't realise the building was going to be this big:

  5. critical1

    critical1 All views expressed are definitely my own.

    Court date is set for 15th July
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  6. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    About time we received some information from Lambeth Council and LEMB Board about this and other estate matters.

    Residents rarely get information from the LEMB or the office as it is. I get more information on a number 3 bus than I do from the LEMB. LEMB seem to have an extremely high regard for themselves despite doing very little.
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  7. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Probably Lambeth Council see this as a case in progress and can't comment.

    However from what I hear if it hadn't been for critical1 posting here people on the estate would not have heard about it.

    Loughborough estate is big. If enough people turn up to meetings they could unseat the relevant board members.
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  8. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    Fair point. I was unaware of the court case until this year so I'm glad Critical1 posted the information.

    Lots of people are disillusioned both with the LEMB Board and the Loughborough Estate Office. That could be a reason why many don't attend the meetings and they may not get home from work in time to either.

    Peter Shorinwa acts like he owns the estate (instead of Lambeth Council) and the Board as a whole don't do anything for the Estate. The Loughborough Estate Office staff don't seem to understand the concept of customer service. Residents just seem to be a irritant for the office staff. The way the estate is run and managed is outdated and archaic.
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  9. prunus

    prunus Mostly gone

    Coldharbour lane closed off by police between Kenbury Street and Denmark Road, not sure why, but no traffic going either direction at the moment. Hope, probably futilely, it’s nothing serious.
  10. ricbake

    ricbake working out how

    Collision RTA early hours
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  11. ChrisSouth

    ChrisSouth Well-Known Member

    Open for cyclists and pedestrians. Looks like a nasty-ish smash. From the amount of police as I cycled past, I'm assuming it's not just damage to a vehicle, but to a person or persons
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  12. Cold Harbour

    Cold Harbour Active Member

    It was a 3/4 wheeler trike thing, gone into a car. I hope they were wearing helmets although there has been one around recently, with no helmets being worn by the driver or the pillion passenger.
  13. critical1

    critical1 All views expressed are definitely my own.

    Those of us who have been observing the Loughborough Estate Management Board will have noticed since they were called out about the Crown Court Case at the last meeting.
    They have been very very quiet to the point of distraction. LEMB had a meeting in January and that was the last they were heard or seen till today.

    Peter Shorinwa (the chair) and Sade (estate director) have both been charged with Financial Fraud, with the full support of the current board also pleading his innocence as stated in a letter they had hand delivered after the last meeting they had in January.

    Both Peter and Sade appeared together in the Inner London Crown Court on the first day of an expected 14 day hearing.
    Screenshot_2019-07-15 Inner London Crown Court.png

    I managed to find this twitter page for Peter Shorinwa, I think his use of Pinocchio is very appropriate. He appears to retweet a lot but as in life, makes very little comment himself.
    Screenshot_2019-07-15 Media Tweets by Peter Shorinwa ( petershorinwa) Twitter.png

    I expect Pinocchio's nose to indeed grow a lot longer over the coming next 2 weeks, at the Inner London Crown Court.
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  14. critical1

    critical1 All views expressed are definitely my own.

    Just in case you did not realise that Peter Shorinwa and Sade (Fulushade) Adetotun were officially charged with financial fraud, here are the details again.
    Not once but charged twice.

    LEMB Peter.jpg Just in case you did not realise that Peter Shorinwa and Sade were officially charged with financial fraud here are the details again
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  15. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    critical1 - possibly unlucky for Peter his trial was switched from Inner London Crown Court to Southwark Crown Court. Southwark specialise in fraud. I recall seeing financial delinquents like Harry Rednapp, Keith Kerr (former Ujima Housing Association CEO) and last but not least James Ibori, money laundering Governor of Nigeria's Delta State at Southwark.

    James Ibori was most glamorous. He got approx £7 million of apparently illegally acquired assets confiscated (did the Queen keep this money - or was it returned to the people of Deltas State Nigeria one wonders). He served 4 years of a 13 year sentence and then returned in triumph to Nigeria like the prodigal son.

    Good you posted the change - people might have turned up at the Inner London Crown Court, which of course specialised in the low grade murder and GBH cases.
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  16. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    critical1 scrap all that above - the hearing database has them at Inner London Crown Court. Maybe if you said it was Southwark you didn't go yourself?
  17. Joanne Samuels

    Joanne Samuels New Member

    How did they keep their jobs under investigation and Sade was there the other day
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  18. Joanne Samuels

    Joanne Samuels New Member

    I dont get it
  19. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    I don't get it either. It's ridiculous. Both should have been suspended from their posts until the conclusion of the court case. The Board should make Loughborough Estate residents aware that the pair of them are on trial. Not a fan of either of them even more so now. If anyone else was on trial I am pretty sure they would have made sure everyone knew about it.
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  20. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    The Loughborough Estate is a big estate.

    I hear complaints all the time about the board. The same people will often then launch into criticism of LJAG.

    I'm not on the estate. So not in LEMB.

    I find it frustrating that on a large estate like this there aren't a small number of people who will turn up to meetings to vote them out.

    I find it depressing that community run estate is generally regarded by residents as just as bad as the Council running it directly.

    I am an ex Coop housing member but since being in LJ and seeing how sections of community politics works I have reservations about the "community" running services.

    It can be just as bad as the Council.

    Also this is kind of putting me off involvement in community issues.

    Some community activists can behave as just as badly as Council. I've seen it here.
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  21. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    I totally agree with you but in the past I have been to the Board meetings and it's a total waste of time.
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  22. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    But LEMB has a constitution. At AGM officers have to be re elected.

    No one will stand up to Peter and his board as they are afraid of them.

    My position now is that it would be better if Lambeth took over control of the estate. Since residents won't stand up to to LEMB.
  23. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    On issues like the Grove Adventure playground LEMB aren't interested.

    They are the constituted body to represent residents.

    I don't join LJAG and I'm fortunately not on the LJ estate.

    Community politics in LJ are pretty shit.

    The only winners out of this are our New Labour Council.

    Who benefit from all this.
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  24. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    I agree with every point you make Gramsci. It's to do with the attitude and general nature of both the Board and the Estate Office. All of the people I know are just fed up with the Board and the Office. Both appear self-serving. Lambeth Council should take the Loughborough Estate Over. An LEMB Chair should only be allowed to serve one term of 2 years before they are replaced so the Estate keeps moving forward. The Loughborough Estate is in a rut. The residents won't stand up to the Board and LEMB out of apathy and because of those that are elected and those who run the estate. It's the largest estate in Lambeth and yet the worst run. The best thing that could happen to the estate is for the Chair of the LEMB to permanently step down and a new Board elected. The Estate Office used to have great staff who were really helpful but now it's the opposite.
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  25. critical1

    critical1 All views expressed are definitely my own.

    Yes I stand corrected.

    Inner London Crown Court

    Newington Causeway
    : SE1 6AZ
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  26. critical1

    critical1 All views expressed are definitely my own.

    The current board are all apparently "Hand Picked" by Peter they will vote and do anything he says.

    The staff are mostly agency, 2yrs who else does this?? point is its the whole board and also out of 6000 resident less than a handful show any interest. There is already a fixed term. It's always difficult to find people to commit themselves to meetings etc...

    At the last meeting several months!!! ago I believe unless someone knows different, they all behaved like puppets.
    A board member called George sent out a letter stating that Peter and Sade are totally innocent and how much good they have done whilst extolling themselves.
    Considering they have have had over 6 months before their trail to court favour (excuse the pun) they have not done much at all.
    This current board are worse than Lambeth cabinet.

    As for Lambeth running Loughborough not a good idea!! They'll just sell off Loughborough as soon as they can just like Cressingham, unless you think that's a great idea.

    LEMB are very clear by the action of not suspending Peter / Sade or allowing them to, that they are fully in support of them and actions (crimes). It should be interesting to see how far Pinocchio can get them to go as they currently do not have one dissenting voice.

    No resignation, no suspensions, no standing down only 100% support maybe the Tories could learn something from this Pinocchio.

    Tomorrow is another day at Southwark Crown Court, where noses grow and lies take root.

    Peter Shorinwa charged with Fraud (it wasn't me, honestly it's a little mistake)
    LEMB Peter1.png
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  27. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    Not being that familiar with court case listings why is the case listed under The Inner Crown Court and not Southwark Crown Court? Or am I reading the listings wrong?

    Unless Peter Shorinwa steps down or is 'fired' from his role as Chair (without being able to be re-elected as Chair or a Board member again) and a new Board elected then the Loughborough Estate is going to get worse and deeper into the rut it is in. Lambeth Council needs to step in.

    There are some staff in the office who have worked there for many years and new staff (over the last two years). None of established or newer staff are that helpful. Loughborough Estate has missed the memo about customer service. It seems to be on a separate island to the rest of Lambeth. Lambeth's largest estate does not have a Tenants and Residents Association, it can't maintain and keep an up to date and well informed website or Facebook page, meeting minutes are treated like secret service documents and it does not foster any sense of community at all.
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  28. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    critical1 is correct if Lambeth take over management of the estate then they would if they wanted be able to start an estate "regeneration" programme. As in Cressingham Gardens.

    Which is why Cressingham are trying to take over management of their estate.

    An estate residents group was set up (LETRA). This could have been an alternative to the present Board. But the main person who started it and kept it going moved away. So it fell into abeyance.

    An issue with all community groups is that only a few people will keep them going. This isn't a criticism of people involved. Its what I see around LJ and Brixton.

    When something serious happens loads of people for a short while turn up and get involved. Take the community meeting on the Loughborough Estate after the murder in MLYC.

    Its a real problem. People aren't paid for their voluntary time. Many people ( me included) spend a lot of day just trying to get by. Its difficult to find time and energy to do much.

    Estate Management Boards are a lot of responsibilty. Angell Town one collapsed. Despite the Angell Town estate getting a lot of grant support to redesign the estate. A tenant led design. In long term the management board didn't work. Cowley one has lasted.

    What I'm saying is that EMBs need support and sympathetic oversight from a local authority.

    This does not happen. Lambeth Council would love to get rid of LEMB.
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  29. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    critical1 made a mistake heading it Southwark Crown Court - his listing particulars are correct - it's Inner London at Elephant & Castle/Borough

    Re supending Peter and Sade It might depend on the EMB's constitution. Maybe Lambeth are hoping the accused will be found guilty and sent down - in which case they could presumably call an emergency EGM of the EMB to elect a new board.

    Maybe the last thing Lambeth Council wanted was some sort of civil rights action by potentially litigious Nigerian housing officers awaiting trial.
    Lambeth normally avoid court action - and when they do get into it often seem to cock it up.
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  30. Andy01

    Andy01 New Member


    They are in court today as well: 15th and 16th July. You can only see the listing on the day
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