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    Gramsci Agree with your summary.

    At the beginning of the meeting poor old Helen Hayes was rather sabotaged by the erratic PA system in the hall. It had some bursts of hum and static at mega decibel levels during her speech, which seemed to rather interrupt the flow.

    Jack Hopkins did come across as quite engaging as you also say. His manner is more natural than Lib Peck who had a touch of the Maybot about her.

    I was taken aback on his feedback towards the end when Jack Hopkins said (in the context of complaints about lack of funding for community projects such as the Marcus Lipton Centre):
    "We can do something about that, we are not poor, we have resource." or something very like it. I think he meant the council was not poor.

    I should add that this sort of thing did not go down with the Marcus Lipton crowd and others who were very vocal that the council has not kept promises in the past, and they didn't trust the council not to dispose of their site for development either.

    The meeting went well until about 7.20 when people started asking questions and making speeches around their own concerns, not necessarily to do with knife crime or Marcus Lipton. One lady went on for 10-15 minutes about the history of Lysada - a youth project which had rocky relations with the council in the 1990s.

    I thought it was good that Helen Hayes came and stayed to the end. Our traditional MPs such as Tessa Jowell and Keith Hill used to turn up to meetings and then slope off when they'd done their speech "to attend a vote in the house" being the general explanation.

    There was a full slate of Coldharbour Ward councillors at the top table, though they didn't say anything. First time I've ever been at a meeting when all my councillors have been there at the same time!
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    The public meeting report part three.

    Near end of meeting Helen Hayes MP and Cllr Jack Hopkins spoke.

    Helen Hayes said that the Tories had taken money out of the area. She offered to help groups get funding. A strategy for funding was needed. So made offer for any group to come to her for support.

    Resident said only time politicians come to area was election time. Helen said she knocks on doors every Saturday and holds regular surgeries were locals can meet her.

    Resident said that groups need training in how to access grants.

    Cllr Hopkins summed up issues:

    1) School exclusions.
    2) money/ get help for area
    3) keep talking / round table discussions with community and Council

    This was when he said ( as CH1 also noticed) that the "Council is not poor has plenty of resources". That was a surprise.

    Summing up from local resident who had chaired the meeting ( Must be Adbul - Karim Abdullah Chair of Lambeth Water Neighborhood board)

    He made the point that well as resources that local people had a responsibility as well.

    This was a theme that came up in meeting. That parents had a responsibility to bring up there children properly. A criticism was that the authorities: police and social workers interfered in this.

    Abdul said that people should make effort to get to know there neighbours. That people didn't know there neighbours. " it takes a a village to raise a child"

    Then Mr Peter Shorinwa LEMB chair and Ms Folashade Adedotun Estate director of LEMB spoke. ( see post 2643 by critical1 on the ongoing court case) at this point some people left. I did here that comments were made that they weren't going to listen to them.

    Peter waffled on Folashade then spoke on all the great things LEMB were doing. Including going to build outdoor gym. She started by saying local groups were welcome to use estate facilities to hold meetings. But any group found using drugs was not welcome.

    At this several people stood up to complain. She was criticised for first thing she said was so negative. Why the "negativity"? Why start with "pulling them (community) down".

    So that was end of meeting. LEMB board didn't come out of it well.


    My impressions.

    • Good result that Grove APG/ Marcus Lipton land no longer Council development site. But is this permanent? Or just until dust has settled and officers can sneak it back into the agenda?
    • Many people said parents had a role. But that the authorities interfered with how parents bring up children.
    • Responsibility of parents and community.
    • Mistrust of police in sections of community.
    • Mistrust of politicians
    • Frustration of locals who gave voluntary time to keep services going that had been cut with little support from the Council.

    • Helen Hayes offered to help groups get funding.
    • Cllr Hopkins said "round table" talks should continue
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    How do they compare with the Sacklers then?

    PS I went to a "Community Preview" of the new British Museum exhibition about Eduard Munch - famed above all else for painting/woodcut/etching "The Scream". Forget all those free museum and gallery charges which came in with Tony Blair. They will be charging £17 from tomorrow for this (£14 pensioners etc). Van Gough at the Tate Britain is £22 (£20 pensioners).
    I guess if we apply morality checks to sponsors museums & galleries will have to bring back charges for everything, and Loughborough Junction will cease to be a haven for vegan horse lovers!
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    Tesco Express Loughborough Junction have dropped two of my favourite economy beverages with the new financial year.

    Hobgoblin 5.2% ruby ale £1.30 - deleted
    Tesco Fiery Ginger Beer 55p - deleted

    The only cheap alcohol left (at the moment) is Crofters Apple Cider 5% 2L £2.15.
    Not satisfying compared with Hobgoblin.
  7. xsunnysuex

    xsunnysuex Life is a horizontal fall.

    I noticed that grocery shop that's been closed for Christ knows how long opposite the new chemist is going to be an estate agents called "My London Pad"
    Just what we need! :facepalm:
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    Nevertheless the Junction Pharmacy has a fantastic LED display with ringing phones. I was quite carried away waiting for the lights to change on the 345.
  9. xsunnysuex

    xsunnysuex Life is a horizontal fall.

    Love the new Junction Pharmacy. Love even more that it's nearer to me than the old one! :D
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    I love the new Junction Pharmacy as well, however I now have to walk twice as far.
  11. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    I've not been in yet. Exciting times ahead, next time I need to pick up a prescription.
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    Clarkshaws in Parliament with their Four Freedoms beer supporting staying in EU.

    Its good. Wish different name had been used though. I'm for Remain. But their are problems with the Four EU Freedoms imo. They are neo liberal imposition on all EU countries.

    Still Clarkshaws are right to be Remainers.
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    I was coming back from LJ towards Brixton Friday mid-day when the road was blocked with what appeared to be two large brewing vessels going into Belinda Road (next to Tesco express).

    I wondered if it was Clarkshaws & tweeted them. They say not them, but they were sharing their old premises in Belinda Road with another brewery. Looks like that one is increasing capacity!
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    I am only posting this here because I know there are
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    BTW just to note for those on here who like the Co-op, the Andrew Marr programme last Sunday had the CEO of the Co-op. (also David Lammy in full flight plus the nauseating Gerard Batten and the fudamentally supine David Liddington)

    Steve Murrells - Co-op CEO, been in post 2 years - was asked various things about the Co-op (a bit uncontentious for Mr Marr I would have thought)

    Mr Murrells said, in answer to Marr saying everything was going digital - "We like shops, and we like people in our shops"

    More suprising to me he said that the Co-op was the largest single sponsor of Academies and 50,000 children go to school wearing a Co-op uniform every day. Maybe this is a northern thing - I've never noticed any Co-op flashes on school uniforms in South London.
    BBC iPlayer - The Andrew Marr Show - 14/04/2019
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    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Just in case anyone interested, there is a CAMRA Brixton pub tour on Wednesday 24th April, starting (surprisingly) 7 pm at the Hero of Switzerland. Cross-posted from Brixton thread. (from London Drinker)
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  17. CH1

    CH1 "Red Guard"(NLYL)

    Brief report back on the CAMRA event.
    I only made it to this pub, not the remaining five. About 15-20 CAMRA afficionados tuned up. Not your usual Hero of Switzerland types. There was a bit of bus or train-spotting feel to this lot, although possibly more women than on a train spotting outing.

    They came prepared - a sheaf of notes was issued giving the details of building date, style, decor, ales available etc for each venue.
    The bit for the Hero was more or less like this from the CAMRA website
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    Just a reminder, literally the point of the Four Freedoms beer was a celebration of concepts like Freedom of Movement. That's why we (I helped organise it) did it and why we had the launch at Whirled and got the band along. It was a nice fun night out with a cheerful outcome instead of the annoying last 2-3 years of Brexit. Also was a nice opportunity for the local Greens, Labour and Lib Dems to be at a social event about an issue they believe in.
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    Thank you for sharing your detailed eye witness account of the public meeting on 21 March 2019.

    Another report also appeared here:

    Violent Crime Public Meeting @ Loughborough Community Centre

    An interview with Ira Campbell, Managing Director, Marcus Lipton Community Centre, was published yesterday and raises urgent issues that go beyond Loughborough Junction:

    A Fatal Stabbing Took Place At This Man's Youth Club - Now He Speaks Out
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    I like the Hero. Its old school boozer.
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    Just looking at the very confusing planning application for 6-8 Hinton Road (next to green Man skill Zone).

    Had an interesting chat about this with Anthea and the Green Man manager on Saturday at the Hardess "Consultation". 6-8 Hinton Road had been used by Kids Company for a while several years ago - so might have belonged to Lambeth Council up to that time.

    The present application on 6-8 Hinton Road is for a 17 room hostel with added mansard roof extension - but the application does not have a Planning and Access Statement (apparently now a legal requirement) so it's not really clear what's going on.

    Residents of one of the Green Man flats have objected on light (overshadowing) grounds.

    What I find bizarre about this application is the building owners according to the land registry are a company registered in Anguilla and the Isle of Man. Company secretary by the name of Mr Murphy. Not presumably too easy to get hold of if Lambeth wished to enforce something!
    Menara IOM.JPG Menara.JPG
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    teuchter je suis teuchter

    A Design and Access Statement is only a requirement for developments over a certain size.

    Looks like they already had an application refused (top image)

    Now they are trying for something slightly smaller (bottom image)

    I'd say the Green Man resident probably has a legitimate objection.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 14.19.02.jpg

    Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 14.16.05.jpg

    Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 14.23.07.jpg
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    I've an old fridge and cooker plus a few other electrical items In trying to dispose of. The fridge is broken and the cooker is so old it can't be used. So only for scrap.

    Lambeth now charge. I tried to book collection and the online system said no Street collections from my bit of CHL. Im guessing that is because my street has narrow pavement.

    I don't know what to do. Does anyone else have any idea?

    I could of course put the stuff on the street. I see this everyday. I don't want to. I rather it be collected and disposed of properly.
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  27. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    If you buy a new fridge then many companies offer to take the old one away at the same as delivering the new one (maybe they are obliged to?)

    I wouldn't put a fridge out because my understanding is that they need to be disposed of properly. But if you put a cooker on the street I reckon it'll get picked up for scrap. It doesn't seem like anything metal sits around for too long.
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  28. sparkybird

    sparkybird ask the bird...

    There are plenty of waste disposal companies. Not cheap though as the proper ones have to have waste disposal licences
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  29. RHK

    RHK Always look on the bright side of life...

    Is there any further news re the court case against Peter Shorinwa and Folasade Adedotun?
  30. Gramsci

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    I haven't heard anything yet.

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