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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by teuchter, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Was mulling over the Hero of Switzerland proposal and decided to look up the Metropolitan Housing Trust block at Barrington Road, only a few yards away.
    This is apparently called, originally, "South West 9".

    C13, 3 bedroom Flat for Shared Ownership
    South West 9 Shared Ownership Apartments In Brixton

    interesting that Metropolitan cite an easily accessible Lidl in their blurb

    Seems that it is by no means fully occupied. To me the prices, terms and conditions look outrageous considering it was part-financed by the Mayor of London. Is this type of thing really the answer to current housing needs? Surely the Sadiq Khan administration should be pushing to revert to a more social housing solution?

    Is this the future for the Hero of Switzerland?
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    Good point. I cycle past that development most days and they are def still advertising shared ownerships - they even have a show flat.
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    I notice in the publicity several local pubs are mentioned. Such as Craft in Brixton. The nearest local is Hero of Switzerland. To downmarket for Metropolitan. This isn't mentioned. Nor that this block is nearer LJ than the now sought after Brixton.

    The full market value looks high to me. This is not what I would call affordable.
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    Grove Adventure Playground is holding a benefit evening to celebrate it's re-opening earlier this summer and to draw attention to the importance of outdoor adventure play for young people in communities like Loughborough Junction.

    The event will feature:

    An unseen 1970's documentary (USA, 19 minutes) about a young black kid growing up in Brixton, his hopes and dreams and adventures at the original Grove Adventure Playground, (6.30 - 7.15pm)
    An outdoor afrobeat, jazz and reggae inspired live set from the fabulous Youthsayers, (7.30 - 8.15pm)
    DJ sets (8.30 - close)
    Some very special guests
    An exhibition on the history of Grove Adventure Playground that stretches back 50 years.
    Food and drink will be available for guests throughout the event.

    Tickets will be limited in numbers due to the size of our premises, so order early to be part of this unique event.

    Grove Gala Benefit
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    The benchmark locally seems to be a large Hyde New Homes development just north of Camberwell Green - and this is pretty much exactly the same as Barrington Road.
    Very disappointing that having suffered 8 years of austerity all we've got to show for it is a dishonest definition of "affordable" and no solution to the housing crisis.

    I'm interested though that the new free newspaper "Lambeth Life", published by Deputy Mayor (of Lambeth) Cllr Ibrahim Dogus has a front page article implying that Mrs May's new policy on "scrapping" councils' borrowing limits will enable more council housing to be built.

    Is this true, is Cllr Dogus away with the fairies, or do we just have to wait and see?
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    Evening Standard had something on this.

    Give local councils the cash to build homes and solve this crisis

    Silva is regular commentator on ES. Youthful Ted talk type entrepreneur. Rather surprised he's now supporting state led Council housing. New for him. Shows how politics have moved.

    If Theresa I care about those left behind May really means this then it could be good step forward.

    But I wonder what strings might be attached. It if it will really happen. Like the much broadcast workers on boards that May promised.

    Another thing is this idea Councils / government should do something about housing. I'm always suspicious of this. Remember when Ed Miliband proposed big house building and rent controls. My Labour party friend with house and small property portfolio was outraged.

    There is section of middle class who won't be keen on seeing house prices becoming more affordable or rent on their buy to let property reducing. Even if they regard themselves as fair minded. And think the government should do something about housing.

    Government can build more . But this must also mean reduction in house prices and rents in private sector. Which will affect sections of middle class adversly.

    I wonder how Jerry Wright of Lexadon would feel if rent controls were brought back in?

    If government/ council mass building of housing reduced the overall price of his assets and rental income.
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    Interesting article - particularly Vienna.

    Jerry Knight, and any other developers favouring build/convert to rent at full market rate would undoubtedly be appalled if they introduced rent controls.

    Ultimately it might result in him divesting of controlled property on leaseholds, in the way that Freshwater Group did in the 1970s. In the Freshwater case because protected tenants had life tenure they no doubt had to wait a long time.

    I bought my Effra Court flat from Freshwater in 1978 for £7,400 - difficult to sell (for them) because the tenant had died leaving the place in a bit of a state.

    As a humourous aside look at the history of the Freshwaters, and their holding company Daejan A brief history of Daejan Holdings

    Jerry Knight has a foundation myth, but not as florid as that!
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    Have your say

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    I said affordable housing was my priority, the pub should stay affordable, the public realm was irrelevant to this application and the tower is to high.

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