Lost Pubs of London: The Old Rose, The Highway, Wapping E1

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    Used to drink in here lunchtimes whenever i was working in the area, which was quite often in the late 90's as almost every building in wapping was being turned into luxury flats. Not a bad pub as i remember, you could always get a cold lager and a plate of chips for dinner. Normally had a few old boys in there watching the racing.Remember one summer we were talking to the landlady about how hot it was getting and she told us her teenage sons had spent the summer swimming every day in the Royal Albert Docks.The previous day one of them had dived in and broke his collar bone/ shoulder on a submerged car that had been dumped there.
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    I am interested in the article about the Old Rose. It states that the Ratcliffe Highway murders took place there, but the address for the old Rose is 128, while the murders took place at 29 Ratcliffe Highway. Was the pub called the old Rose in 1811 when the murder took place or was it the Marr business in 1811 and converted to a pub later. The discrepancy in the street number could have changed over the years. Also, there was a block of flats on the same side of the road as the pub going toward the Tower that is not there now. I used to deliver papers to that bldg. and I cannot remember the name. It was opposite or just past Betts Street. My g.g. grandparents lived at #29 1n 1851 and he was listed as a "Beer Retailer", so I am interested in the exact location. Thanks I hope someone has some information.
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