London pirate radio - biggest/most critical scene in the world?

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    CodeSouth continues down on the south coast around Brighton & beyond, been on for years now. :thumbs:

    Meanwhile Radio Caroline is not only now licenced on the former BBC World Service frequency of 648 AM for Suffolk & north Essex, but ironically is also using their former transmission site & mast at Oxfordness! :D

    About 70 MPs supported Caroline getting an AM licence, 'community' stations normally only get flea power, OFCOM invented a new 'community of interest' licence (i.e., in this case, people into the adult album format) and granted them 1Kw - covering most of the south-east & into London!

    They are also on various of these trial DAB mini-multiplexes, and just added the central London one to their list.

    Radio Caroline is actually the oldest UK radio station, starting offshore in 1964, before Radios 1-4 launched in 1967!
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    I can't get either of those now either.

    I'm listening to Point Blank a lot now which is generally dance music (they're also on the internet) it's really nice and clear.
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