London Open House Weekend - 22/23 September 2018

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    The guide for this year's London Open House weekend is now available for pre-order - will be released in August.

    Registration for volunteers is also now open - volunteers do half a day at a place that needs more people to do meet & greet (smaller venue) or queue herding (larger venues) - or you can volunteer to be a guide, if you're happy to research your venue in advance (i've not ventured in to that yet but i've done the 'steward' thing the last few years)

    you get a free copy of the printed guide, priority entrance at venues where there's queuing (not the ones that they draw names out of a hat for entry) and at the places i've done, get fed tea and biscuits.

    Outside London, the Heritage Open Days event which is similar is being spread across 6 - 9 and 13 - 16 September (mixed feelings about that - makes it harder to focus if it's over 2 weekends but guess it gives a chance to go to more places)
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