London Mithraeum opens 14th November

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    This is a new permanent exhibition opening on the 14th November and houses the remains of the Roman Temple of Mithras that were found in 1954 on a bomb site. Queues stretched for half a mile as people queued to view it.

    It was then relocated 100m to Queen Victoria St so that the new office building could be built but this wasn't the most sympathetic relocation (the Guardian reports below has more details).

    Bloomberg have now built there European HQ on the site and as part of this, the Temple remains have been moved back to their original site on Walbrook 7m below ground level. The exhibition also contains some of the artefacts that we're found and have been kept in the Museum of London.

    London Mithraeum

    Reconstructed Roman Temple of Mithras opens to public in London

    You can also see the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre at the nearby Guildhall which also has free entry.

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    I bet they won't let me sacrifice a bull there. :(
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