London Gentrification

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    Surrogate for gentrification mapped:-


    Red/Orange = substantial falls in Housing benefit caseload (2011-2016); Blues = rising caseload.
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  2. may as well dump this into Belushi's( RIP) Thread

    High living, low sales: Shard apartments still empty, five years on

    mostly unsold, but look at this delightful take on its location

    "Pryor said the Shard apartments have not been able to attract prices near the record £136m paid for a flat in the Candy brothers’ One Hyde Park for reasons that any avid watcher of TV property shows would know: “Location, location, location.”
    “Kirstie and Phil tell us it every week, location, location, location. Rich people don’t want to shell out zillions living south of the river, it’s a shock enough living anywhere south of the [Hyde] park,” he said. “Nobody knows anyone who lives south of the river"
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    it would be much better done and more informative if there was more gradation between the changes. they don't cover equal percentage changes and undermine the utility of the map.
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