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*London cafes: your very best recommendations, please!


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Whenever I'm near Kings Cross I try and get to Cafe Oz. It's a classic old cafe. Good food, reasonable prices.


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Much as a "full Welsh / Scottish etc" - easy over egg (fried) , quality sausage , beans , bacon and 2 full rounds of toast - tea / coffee. Served by nice staff. Locally owned etc
That's not even a half English breakfast: no tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding or fried bread.


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Cafe 338 just off bethnal green station, amazing breakfast for such a cheap price. You pay £10 pperson and leave with a fat belly


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Rich bastard absentee landlord wanted gabis out to get megabucks for rent in there. Huge facebook campaign and the like helped save it. For now. What a gem it is.
The bastards in question are Precapitalist feudal fuckers squeezing their tenants in the way they've done for centuries. The whole area is owned by the Gasgoyne Estates, which is a front for the Marquess of Salisbury and his heirs.



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There's a decent Polish Cafe in Ilford called Oberza that does traditional polish home cooking and also english fry-up's, all at a very reasonably price.



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meds cafe on burdett road, mile end. decent all day brekkies. avoid saturday and sunday between 8-10 as its packed with the locals and there is a queue for the tables.

Another good place if your in the ilford area is the The Moral Cafe. on the same road as ilford police station few doors down. absolutely brilliant brekkiw


Falasteen hurra!!!
^^^ Hello Shoreditchmed,

Is that the Romanian one? under the bridge, past OB and on the left hand side?

btw, just been down your way a few week's ago, loved the falafel stall and the jerk chicken van down the bottom end of Hoxton, the curried goat rice 'n' pea's was fan-fcuking-tastic!


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Not that late to the party. A lot of the posts I made on this thread, the cafes have shut. Islington is a large area maybe you could name the roads that theses cafes are in?

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A recent discovery of mine; Rosie Lee on Garratt Lane, corner with Khartoum Road, SW17
Good honest spit n sawdust. Good prices and better quality than the other caff's in the area.



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Honey & Co - although it's a restaurant around meal-times, it's basically a cafe at other times, with its excellent coffee and some of the best cakes in London. And the chocolate babka is just darn addictive..


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Tasty Jerk

If you are looking for a delicious barbecue pork or jerk chicken, go to Tasty Jerk on 88 Whitehorse Lane, SE25 6RG.

The meat, rice and gravy, everything was so good. You can taste those tiny angry peppers with a nice little sugary kick & smoke in the meat seasoning. I had a pork & chicken meal, and it was delicious. They've got 4 drum barbecue thingies in the shop, and one of them had tilapia fish. I will be trying tilapias next time.

I've just added salad leaves mixed in a houmous, lemon and Greek yogurt dressing and added red onion.

Ownership has changed since this?:

Dead cockroaches and mice earn £30,000 fine for Tasty Jerk Caribbean takeaway in Selhurst