LOndon AF meeting on After The Election

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    After the election we analyse the state of play, the nature of Corbynism and how we relate to it, and how we need to help bring to birth a mass grassroots movement that goes beyond electoral politics and poses a real threat to capitalism and the State with a vision of a new society based on equality and freedom. We will also be discussing the Grenfell fire and how the traditional left has responded and how our response should be different, based on encouraging self-organisation.We will be inviting guest speakers and there will be plenty of time for everyone to discuss.

    Refreshments available, disabled access

    Convened by London Anarchist Federation

    7pm, Thursday June 29th at Common House, 5e Pundersons Gardens London E2 (nearest tube Bethnal Green)
  2. LynnDoyleCooper

    LynnDoyleCooper It's a complicated world innit.

    Be really interested to read a report on this if possible please.
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  3. chilango

    chilango *shrugs*

    Yeah, me too.
  4. charlie mowbray

    charlie mowbray The Enforcer

    Should be able to supply one.
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  5. charlie mowbray

    charlie mowbray The Enforcer

    Facebook Event Page:

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