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Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by Onslow, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. el-ahrairah

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    Was it Bill Bryson who wrote at length about the glorious incomprehensability of local newspaper headlines, quoteing his favourite "Letter Box Rapist Strikes Again"...
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    It wasn't stuck, he was just steeping it for five minutes like a true tea lover.
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    Not a headline as such but a title over a letter in the Whitby Gazette -'tips for catching crabs!'

    Would upload a scan but can't do images with my tablet.
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  10. DaveCinzano


    In tribute to the Prestwich Advertisier, which has been shut down:

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    eatmorecheese Be who you needed when you were younger

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    ^ Fucking brilliant :D
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    Sandwell Chronicle 4th Oct 2012

    Hazards of Wheelie Bins.
    Accident and emergency staff treated three people for accidents involving wheelie bins in a year, including a 68 year old woman who fell into one. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Sandwell, City and Rowley Regis hospitals, said the woman lost her footing and fell into the bin. A 39 year old man went to A&E after a bin ran over his foot, and a 42 year old man was hit by a bin weighing four and a half stones at work, leaving him with chest pain.
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    If you like this sort of thing you may enjoy the regular viz tweets which usually begin "It's all kicking off in..."

  19. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    Yep :D

    Also 'crap beer gardens' is a joy
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    whoever does the posters at the LEP is a genius. most days there's one to lol at...
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    I'm currently enjoying the comments section of my local rag:

    "The clowncil is being stupidly one-sided as usual, for the benefit of cyclofascists. Perhaps the reason that the taxi drivers are overranking and blocking the main carriageway is because the cyclists have provoked them into doing this. One-sided journalism and politics AS USUAL."
  24. Firky

    Firky The first of the gang Banned

    I had to laugh at this, coley will probably have spotted it too :D

    Cramlington is shit as well. Decent butchers and markets in Blyth though... but it is a fuckign dump, parts of it look like the projects in The Wire.
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  25. DaveCinzano


    I'm having that.
  26. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    A couple of colleagues are from Blyth, I'm looking forward to a bit of office trolling about this when they are in tomorrow :D

    It's even worse over the river, Cambois is like something from The Hills Have Eyes :hmm:
  27. coley

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  28. coley

    coley Well-Known Member

    SE Northumberland, desolation city, you expect to see Kurt Russell lurking in the doorways
  29. coley

    coley Well-Known Member

    Seems the NT are well worth a visit;)

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