Llandudno, north Wales - photos, chat and things to do

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by Biddlybee, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Looks like you enjoyed some nice weather editor . And had fun with rail transport ... if you have the cash and time, the "Snowdonian" is a nice way to spend a day on the Ffesti and WH railways.

    Bit of Lifeboat trivia.
    Llandudno was the last station to be based in the middle of town (so the pulling & sailing boats could go to whichever side of the Great Orme it was needed). This meant that the ALB (the Mersey "Andy Price") had to be "walked" over to the prom and the beach - keeping tourists out of the way was "interesting" ...
    Earlier this year the new ALB went "on station" in the new boathouse, which is away down towards the far end of the east side beach.
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    I had a great time there - I've got one last set of photos to post up from around the town (including the lively pub!).

    It was sad to learn that the Pavilion went the same way as the Brighton West Pier - as soon as its refurbishment was announced, along came the near inevitable mystery arson attack to destroy it forever.
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