List of those for whom Welfare Reform and cuts were too much to bear

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    Frankie Jack Not a bloke..

    In no specific date order and taken from links I had saved.

    There are possibly many others out there and the list will need updating as more are affected.

    Paul Wilcoxson. June 2011
    A MAN with mental health problems who was worried about benefit cuts killed himself while he was searching for a job on the south coast, an inquest heard.

    Craig Monk Feb 2012
    A MAN who had “significant worries” was found hanging in his home by a neighbour, a Burnley inquest heard.

    Mark Higgins March 2012
    Mr Higgins, 22, had been sectioned under the mental health act a week earlier and had been sent to the Brooker Centre in Runcorn as there was not enough room for him at Leigh Infirmary

    Joseph Palmer 20 Mar 2012
    Two years before Mr Palmer’s death his benefit was re-assessed, which threw him into a “bit of a panic” as he was not sure where his income would come from, she said.

    Martin Rust April 2012
    Martin Rust, 36, was declared fit to work following a Department of Work and Pensions assessment in September, two months before he was found dead at his home in Parmentergate Court in the city centre on November 21.

    Richard Sanderson 29th May 2011
    A desperate man who lined up three kitchen knives before stabbing himself twice in the heart, blamed cuts in housing benefit.
    Unemployed Richard Sanderson took his own life after writing three suicide notes which were laid out neatly on a bed in a meticulously planned act.

    Paul Reekie June 2010
    The Leith-based writer and poet, who was 48, left no suicide note but friends say letters informing him that his welfare benefits were to be halted were found close to his body.

    Christelle Pardo, child and unborn child
    Christelle was desperate and applied to take the DWP to tribunal, but repeatedly failed to be given a date for a hearing. She and her baby were by now sharing her sister's one-bedroom flat. Her last attempt to get a date from the tribunal service took place on 12 June. Her sister told the inquest how stressed Christelle was by having nothing to live on. The next day she took her five-month-old son in her arms and jumped to her death from the flat's sixth-floor balcony. Her son died in hospital some hours later.

    Elaine Christian Feb 2011
    A WOMAN found dead in a drain had been worried about attending a medical appointment to assess disability benefits, an inquest heard.
    The body of Elaine Christian, 57, was found in Holderness Drain by a mother returning from a school run.

    David and Helen Mullins Nov 2011
    Mark and Helen Mullins were found lying side by side in their home in Henson Road, Bedworth.
    Friends have spoken of the tragic couple’s struggle to access the correct benefits – leaving them living “hand to mouth” on food handouts from a Coventry soup kitchen which they walked five miles to each week.

    Unknown Sister
    We learnt that she had attended the job centre on a number of occasions asking for help and had also asked her doctor for a sick note but was refused. In her desperation she became frantic, the doctor then phoned the police and said she would commit her under the mental health act. She was held for a night in a prison cell because of an argument over a sick note

    Sandra Moon August 2008
    “In the days leading up to her death, Sandra started suffering from stomach pains and had also been extremely upset due to a tribunal regarding her incapacity benefit, as this had been taken off her.

    Christopher Charles Harness. Dec 2011
    An inquest at Louth Sessions House, was told Mr Harness was looked after at The Beeches by carer Lorraine Ruth Jones, but his mental state had deteriorated after hearing his funding was to be withdrawn.

    Non suicide deaths Work Capability Assessment related.

    Larry Newman Oct 2010
    Larry Newman was assessed by an Atos staff member and awarded zero points. To qualify for sickness benefit he needed 15. He died from lung problems soon after

    David Groves May 2011 Heart attack.
    A DAD-of-two was killed by the stress of facing the Government’s tough new medical test for benefit claimants, say his grieving family.

    Karen Sherlock 29th April 2012
    “We need to be passionate about standing up for our rights, and if we can make enough noise, and get enough people to listen then we can overturn the inhumane changes this parasitic government have made. If nothing else, we do still have hope and our rights on our side.”

    Mark Scott Jan 2012
    A DAD whose son died of pneumonia just six weeks after his incapacity benefits were axed is fighting to have the decision overturned.
    Mark Scott, 46, who suffered from anxiety, epilepsy and chronic alcoholism, was left penniless when jobcentre doctors said he was fit to work.

    Unknown Ladys husband
    My late husband was 3 months from being eligable for pension credit.
    He had depression for which he was certificated by his GP and a heart condition.
    He started claiming ESA in Feb 09.
    During that period he was assessed by Atos who scored him at 0 points
    He appealed and this was reviewed and upheld. He did not do the next appeal he died before then.

    Paul Turner April 2012
    A BIRMINGHAM dad died from a serious heart condition – weeks after Government assessors stopped his benefits and ruled he was fit for work.

    Fit to work?

    Paul Mickleburgh
    ONE of the world's longest surviving kidney dialysis patients has hit out at the UK Government's "Nazi" tactics after being declared fit to work in a scheme designed to get more people off incapacity benefit.

    Paul Mickleburgh, 53, has undergone a series of operations over the past 33 years, including four failed transplants, and has suffered 14 heart attacks.

    Gary Hulme
    AN ARTHRITIS sufferer who struggles to dress himself and cannot walk unaided is being backed by medics after seeing his benefits slashed.
    Former warehouse worker Gary Hulme, of Blurton, says he has been left in financial turmoil after seeing his Disability Living Allowance (DLA) package cut from £460 per month to £75.

    Unknown lady
    I visited a client yesterday on a psychiatric ward.
    She had been contacted by ATOS regarding a medical. Her response to this was to slice her own throat open in front of her family.

    Driven to despair

    Set himself on fire outside Jobcentre.
    The 48 year old man tied himself to the railings at the building in Harborne Lane, Selly Oak, before ripping his one of his trouser legs and starting a fire

    Slashed wrists inside Jobcentre.
    A MAN was in hospital after slashing his wrists at a job centre in Merseyside.
    Emergency services were called to the scene at the Jobcentre Plus, in Price Street, Birkenhead, yesterday afternoon.
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    Not got any to add, but just want to say thank you for starting this thread.
  3. yield

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    Grim thing there Frankie Jack. Well worth posting.

    Just the tip of the iceberg going by the calls I get at the council out of hours.
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    gut feeling is a memorial event somewhere public should be organised.

    can't help thinking the authorities will respond with lots of plods with sticks and dogs

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    There is a memorial in London to the guy who killed himself crashing into the gates of Number 10 when Thatcher was PM and subsequently to all her victims, sadly i think it has been more or less forgotten, do Londoners put flowers on it?
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  6. BigTom

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    Christopher Charles Harness, July 2012
    A MAN with a history of mental health issues hanged himself while on leave from a treatment centre, an inquest has heard.

    Christopher Charles Harness' body was discovered on December 10, 2011, on a public footpath near to The Beeches care home in South Elkington where he had lived for six years.
    Mr Harness, 39, was a patient at the Peter Hodgkinson Centre in Lincoln at the time.

    An inquest at Louth Sessions House, was told Mr Harness was looked after at The Beeches by carer Lorraine Ruth Jones, but his mental state had deteriorated after hearing his funding was to be withdrawn.

    In a statement, Mrs Jones, said: "There were no real problems until our local authority decided he should live more independently and my funding would be stopped."

    Wayne Grew, March 2012
    A DOTING dad was found hanging from a tree after learning his job as a Birmingham City Council dustbin wagon driver was at risk, an inquest heard.

    Depressed Wayne Grew, of Loynells Road, Rubery, was found on parkland near Queen Elizabeth Road in Frankley, on March 4 last year.

    His wife Lisa, 39, told how his health deteriorated after being told his job with the local authority was at threat. She said Mr Grew had been “fit and healthy” and a “lad’s lad” before he got a text message four months before his death saying there was to be “an emergency meeting over redundancies at work”.

    Mrs Grew’s statement said: “After reading the text he became anxious and started vomiting. He thought he would lose his house, me and his children.”
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    I'd never heard of that. Was it under similar circumstances to the above?

    Do you have more info?
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    Nice work Frankie. Thanks for doing this. Think as and when they come in, for as long as you're able to edit (which isn't that long unfortunately), any others should also be added to the OP.

    I read of another one today but buggered if I can find it
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    Some twat on my local fora is posting that if you can post on a board you can work, he has even accused long standing posters of being on DLA and thus swinging the lead, the weird thing is he has got disabilities himself but works, imo, its a form of hate speech and will scare people off posting...
  10. Frankie Jack

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    No probs folks. Just glad I got it done as pooter is seriously at it just now. I'll add to the OP as long as I can minnie and perhaps one of the lovely mods will assist when I can't edit anymore.
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  11. Minnie_the_Minx

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    Have you told him that you can still work and claim DLA and explained the difference between DLA and IB?
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    The Mods deleted the thread after complaints(inc mine!)
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    Are you going to tell us which forum it is or is it a secret? :D
  15. treelover

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    just a local one, I think this sort of thing, accusing posters of being on benefits to invalidate them is common, though they do get some ferocious responses...
  16. frogwoman

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    remember that we are many and they are few. x
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  17. Minnie_the_Minx

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    A DAD whose son died just six weeks after wrongly being stripped of his incapacity benefits today said he blamed the government for his death. Mark Scott, 46, was deemed fit to work by job centre doctors despite GP records showing he suffered severe anxiety, panic attacks and alcoholism. He died in his Southport flat in January from pneumonia.

    Yesterday, an independent tribunal ruled the department of work and pensions’ (DWP) decision to stop Mr Scott’s employment support allowance was incorrect.
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  19. treelover

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    blood on their hands....
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    No problem, just PM me.
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  21. Frankie Jack

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    Thanks Mrs M. x
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    I don't do Twatter, but is it not worth Twatting a link to this post?
  23. Minnie_the_Minx

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    Just come across this one that I'd never heard about
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    :( depressing but important to see.
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  26. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

  27. Frankie Jack

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    I've just messaged Steven/latentexistance to see if he has a link to the original story. I thought I had it bookmarked, but, my bookmarks are as messy as my mind at times and I forget where I put stuff. :facepalm:
  28. Minnie_the_Minx

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    Good idea because I was going to suggest taking that story down as I'm struggling to find anything about it
  29. Minnie_the_Minx

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    May be an idea as well to contact whoever is responsible for Calum's list so he can link to this thread, and you can do the same to his website?
  30. Minnie_the_Minx

    Minnie_the_Minx someinenhhanding menbag and me ah bollox

    I've also come across snippets in various places about a story of a man with a glass eye that with corrective surgery he would regain his eyesight. I'm not sure if this is a joke or whether it's true or a joke though :hmm:

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