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On behalf of mum-tat (somewhere in the lee / grove park region) anyone know a gardener / gardening firm that's decent and can cope with initial clearance / occasional maintenance sort of stuff?

it's got beyond the stage that i can deal with it with the time and energy i have and the kit available to me...


...isn't as good as Lewisham.
There's a road sign in Connington Road, SE13 and someone has painted over the 1 with white paint. :hmm:


Thinks she is a flower to be looked at
Another fundraiser, yeah we're all sick of them by now but if anybody's interested there's a community centre trying to set up a cafe and charity shop. It's a really good centre and does a lot to help the local community with very little money so they need to raise funds for a cafe and charity shop which could sustain the centre and its projects in future.
Even a fiver would help
The Apple Tree Cafe and Charity Shop


Thinks she is a flower to be looked at
Community skate event happening this Saturday: film screening, jumble sale and creative workshops for the youngers. They're trying to raise cash for the LLSB fundraising campaign. All welcome!



Council Estate Socialist
Something for the weekend?

Brockley’s Second Festival of Ideas for Change (flyer below)
Sunday 19 November 2017, 10am-5.30pm, Lewisham Southwark College, Lewisham Way, SE4 1UT
This is for everyone. View and download the full programme here.
Location, travel and car parking details available here. (St John’s station closed)
An inspiring range of nearly 30 speakers will present their ideas during sessions with Q&As and continuing discussion in an adjacent break-out room:
  • Battle of Lewisham: 40 years later
  • Housing, Homelessness and Inequality
  • Debt, Money and Exploitation
  • Food and the Environment
  • From Ideas to Action – Practical examples
Film and audio recordings will also be screened concurrently in an adjacent room:
  • The Listening Post: Sybil Phoenix. (Audio recording) Sybil's son Woodrow Phoenix will be present to answer questions about his mother’s life and her work.
  • Aug 13: What Happened? Films about the Battle of Lewisham plus short films about other themes in the Festival
View more details and book your FREE place: www.brockleysociety.org.uk
or directly from www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/420988
Tea and coffee free, affordable food at lunchtime or bring your own.
Doors open at 9.30am for registration and coffee before the 10am start.

since there isn't a separate lewisham history type thread, these two from 1968 came up on flickr this week

(a bit before my time, but mum-tat remembers it - parents were living in granville park at the time)

for anyone wondering, both photos were taken from about the junction of lewisham high street and rennell street - photographer would have been stood with their back towards chiesmans' department store (the site is now the huge police station) - in the one with the blue coach, the two routemaster buses are heading towards new cross.

i don't think a single one of the buildings visible is there any more...


Sitting on the bock of the day
Just shown that to my OH, who thought it was great. He remembers happily being unable to go to school because of the floods!

That bit of Lewisham is completely unrecognisable now from those photos. It's changed a fair bit since I moved here ten years ago (is it really that long? :eek:) but it's completely different even from how I remember it a couple of years ago.


Sitting on the bock of the day
Curzon, as opposed to Picturehouse, who also put in a bid, have been selected by Lewisham Council as their preferred bidder for the redevelopment of the Ladywell Playtower (FKA Ladywell Baths).


The Cake of Liberty
Another piece of Lewisham History. Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the Lewisham Train Crash.
A train heading from Cannon St to Ramsgate hit a train heading from Charing Cross to Hayes in very foggy conditions. It also hit a bridge which then partially collapsed onto the train. It was one of the worst accidents in British rail history with 90 people losing their lives.

Running Past have written a great in depth article on the crash.

The 1957 Lewisham Rail Crash