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...isn't as good as Lewisham.
Changes may have been made but it simply isn't good enough - at one time since at least half of the gym was not available (floor problems) - and competition in the area grows.
Indeed. I've joined the gym round the corner, only £12 a month! :D


Council Estate Socialist
Solo membership at Lewisham - only £12.99 per month

The Gym London Lewisham Opens 24th October 2016
Join now for only £12.99 per month for founder members! Hurry as this price will increase soon!

Unit 8, Thurston Central, Thurston Road, Lewisham, SE13 7SN

One-off joining fee of £25.00. Access The Gym Lewisham only

ska invita

back on the other side
I'd check the gym in the new multicoloured box first.... Should only be 5£ pay as you go

If it has a gym that is...

ska invita

back on the other side
But you need to perform exercise at least 3 times a week - therefore that is a very expensive option!
you dont need to do anything!
suits me perfectly,...once a week if im feeling on top of life, but then can drop out for weeks without running up a huge subscription

ska invita

back on the other side
Thats pretty amazing - i never knew Aladdins Cave was a train station - obvious when you see it
Funnily enough the bit at the bridge in Brockley also used to have a 2nd hand furniture shop right where they showed those stairs but it burned down a a few years ago


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London Migration Film Festival
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