Lewes vs Dulwich Hamlet - Weds 10th Feb 2016

Discussion in 'Dulwich Hamlet FC' started by Fingers, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. DonkeyAssessor

    DonkeyAssessor Well-Known Member

    Teams at the bottom are often fighting for their lives by this time of the season , and games against them can be even harder than those against mid table teams . Especially with the added ingredient that visiting league leaders are “there to be shot at”. ( For all the “sexy football” talk, it counts for nothing without penetration. )

    At Staines, I was amazed to hear so many people of the opinion that “we should be winning all the next eight matches”.

    These games are of cup tie intensity, coming up at a rate of three games every eight days To ask players to perform at their best in all, train other days, and turn out for work at 6 am every week day is a tall order. The professionals are always moaning about a schedule, which is even less punishing.

    We saw earlier in the season how the won at Bognor took so much out of the team , they were below par at Harrow three days later. This has been a trend and understandable.

    But what concerns me now is the body language at least one player displayed when emerging for the second half last night was bad. Whilst there was no doubt that there was immense disappointment , after the self destruct button was pressed just before half time, the players really need to all be able to pick themselves up in such circumstances. Danny and Nyran did, and the link up play for the goal in particular was excellent, and indeed it took a goal of Xavesque quality for Lewes’s 3rd to kill us. But not all did. Not through lack of effort, the harder they tried seemed to make it worse.

    Whether the management team can get enough lost confidence and self belief, as well as stamina into some players to get back into a winning run to put some pressure back on the HR and ET, or whether it was last night that the title literally went down the pan, remains to be seen.
  2. DonkeyAssessor

    DonkeyAssessor Well-Known Member

    Landlord in the Brewers gave us a premonition of what was to come last night, by supplying Tring Brewery’s Albatross on tap, and then announcing that there was no food because the kitchen was closed for refurbishment

    Thank the lord Lewes does have so many good pubs, and the ground is only two minutes walk from the station.

    Fanny Boakes, God bless her soul must have been laughing in her grave.
  3. toby kempton

    toby kempton Well-Known Member

    Why the F*ck are we playing so sh*t
  4. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    Great post. From the sidelines it's really hard to tell what's the difference but I think it's a lot more complicated than 'arrogance' or 'not getting stuck in.' Its easy to forget the players have regular jobs - I know I don't feel like I'd be any use in a game at the moment. And I'm married to a teacher and see the pressure they're under so I think the fact Phil manages to play at all is a hell of an achievement.
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  5. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    toby kempton it's ok mate, you're seventeen now, and this is quite a grown up messageboard...you don't need to use the asterisks anymore... ;)
  6. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    That's funny, 'cos when we played without Carew against Tonbridge in apocalyptic conditions I thought we played rather well.

    And he played against VCD when we also looked rudderless, devoid of patience and unable to control the game.
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  7. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Sure, but it will be no different for any of the Lewes players either. In fact, I'd argue that they'd have more reason to be stressed out given their position in the league and potential cut in earnings.
  8. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    Why are we referring to the management and the supporters in the same breathe? And why are the management so immune to criticism? This is the third time on the bounce this so-called implosion (personally I think the signs have been visible for a long time) has happened and as has been pointed out we've had a largely different set of players each time.

    As you say Mish there are a lot of underperforming prima-donnas wearing the shirt this season, but who is it who's signed them/not released them and who is it who continues to play them? Look at last season: how much money did we waste on that cheating tossbag Kamara? I think there's been some poor decisions re: players and selections and there's only one person who's accountable for that.

    I take no pleasure in pointing this out but we're beginning to sound like those deluded Man Utd fans who believe that just because Ferguson made a decision it must have been a masterstroke. Nani, Anderson and Veron were certainly not masterstrokes though.
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  9. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    I'm not criticising Gavin per se, though. And I'd expect you to point out his supposed errors, as you were never a fan of his appointment.

    He does make mistakes, but I think they are far outweighed by what he has achieved.

    What we are really missing is Ethan out injured.
  10. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    I dont remember ever criticising his appointment? I was fairly vocal in the first season when we losing to South Kilburn but I don't think that's unfair.

    I think blaming this slump on Ethan's absence is lazy and convenient. I would certainly hope we're not a one man team either given how much some of these players are on.
  11. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Fair enough...my memory must be playing up at my age... ;)

    Out of interest...how much are some of the players on? What do you suggest? Pay less and end up in mid-table obscurity?
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  12. Moroccan Sunset

    Moroccan Sunset Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think it must be.

    Not at all, but maybe we should be more careful than spunking it on a load of ex-pro's who are incapable of beating VCD or Lewes. I know how much some of the players are on roughly speaking but I wont be popping it on here.
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  13. Jamie Wyatt

    Jamie Wyatt Well-Known Member

    Why not? Freedom of information and all that!! :thumbs:
  14. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Simply, because, as a private company, the Freedom of information Act does not apply.
    Also: If wages were made public it could potentially tip off rivals, who might offer more; it might 'split the dressing room' if all players' wages were made public...I'm sure other fans could find plenty of other reasons not to.

    However, if you do feel so strongly about it, perhaps you could ask the Supporters Trust to include in their aims and objectives for potential fan ownership, or something like that.
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  15. Jamie Wyatt

    Jamie Wyatt Well-Known Member

    Calm down! Did you not see the little winky thing at the end...!!! :thumbs:

    Anyway shouldn't you already know what the Trust is planning being a board member?? :)
  16. DonkeyAssessor

    DonkeyAssessor Well-Known Member

    Lewes played Saturday, but didn't have a game midweek previously. Lewes's current form was pretty much identical to ours, over recent games since turn of year.

    If you're not expected to get anything out of a game (on form) , it takes any pressure off.

    To be fair we gifted them the second goal, and defence failed to react quick enough for the first, which was from a free kick very unluckily conceded when Mitchell Nelson failed to clear quick enough, and their forward nipped in a millisecond quicker earlier.
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  17. DonkeyAssessor

    DonkeyAssessor Well-Known Member

    Not arrogance at all. I'd say pressure of meeting demands of expectations , is causing tenseness on pitch - such that players can't play a natural relaxed game - which you can when you are the underdogs playing a top of table side. When a player is a yard off the pace due to physical demands or slight injury , the effect is even worse.
  18. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    Problem is I have no idea all of the emoticons mean...perhaps someone could explain them all.

    With regard to your second point, actually, no...I do not know all of what goes on at the Trust. There are more than one sub-committee type things, and they don't report back everything they deal with...otherwise meetings would be very long indeed. I was suggesting that you, as a Trust member or non-member, that you could ask about policy changes, maybe implenting something around public disclosure of wages, when under supporter ownership, whatever that model may be, Trust or non-Trust.
  19. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Well-Known Member

    You can't blame the absence of one player for a slump if you're serious about winning a championship. The ETU game (where Ethan picked up his injury) was his 76th consecutive league start, which is a testament to his disciplinary record that a centre back hasn't picked up a suspension in that time, as well as to his fitness. We also have two ex-pros in the squad (Sankofa & Nelson) who can cover that position.

    I mssed teh Lewes trip due to a nasty virus, but whilst their position at the foot of the table may reflect their overall performance this season their recent results are good (three wins and a draw now from the last five) and thy haven't conceded many in that run, so this was never likely to be a case of turning up and collecting three points.

    It's our overall inconsistency this season that disappoints me - the last two results are just things that usually happen at some point in any season. We're starting to look like Margate last season: a squad packed with experienced players mostly signed from higher league clubs, but not consistently performing to the sum of their parts. We may not have a deluded benefactor who thinks we can be "as big as Southampton", but with attendances way bigger than anyone else's and no obvious Margate/Whitehawk side being bankrolled by its owner(s) we probably have the most generous playing budget.

    For the first time ever I went into this season not just hoping but believing we could be champions. I go into each and every game believing we will win. Obviously I know we won't win all 46 games, but I expect to win each individual game when it kicks off. I certainly didn't expect to lose so many games with the quality we have in our squad. Furthermore, the identity of the teams that have been beating us is a worry. It's not the best other teams (except Hampton) - it's been Lewes, VCD, Harrow, Needham Market, Burgess Hill, Staines, Not Police, Leatherhead. At least we haven't been gifting three points to promotion rivals. But we haven't really been notably unlucky in most of the game where points have been dropped. I'd say Hamtopn were very fortunate to get such a weak referee when they beat us - I don't think many officials would have indulged their persistent niggly and cynical foul play to such an extent, refusing us a string of penalties for clear manhandling and holding offences while giving them one for an untidy challenge at the other end - but even then we had opportunities to put the game out of reach. And again at East Thurrock, who were made to look very ordinary, and were lucky their second equaliser stood after a clear (and rather dangerous) foul on Danny Waldren in the build up, clattering him in mid air as he attempted to head the ball away, we had the chances to win the game regardless of the vagaries of the refereeing. In other games teams have defended desperately or their keepers have pulled off amazing saves, but that's part of the game. In other games (e.g. at home to Billericay and Enfield) Phil had pulled us out of a hole by making crucial saves and keeping a clean sheet to ensure victory.

    We still have a realistic chance of winning the league because there are so many contenders without anyone looking outstanding, but it's going to require our best form of the season over the remaining ten weeks or so.
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  20. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    True, I'm not saying it's just because Ethan is out. You put it far more articualtely than I ever could.

    Personally, if we do manage to go up in the play-offs, it will be tarnished in my heart, because I feel that we, as fans, will have been 'cheated' out of the Championship by our own players!

    Maybe I am too much of a 'Natural Born Pessimist' to believe the title is still on.. the opportunity to win the Isthmian League, generally only presents itself for us, once in a generation. And my heart is breaking. I'm not getting any younger, I will fifty next birthday, having been supporting The Hamlet for 42 years now, & thought this season was going to be...when one of my 'Hamlet bucket lists' was going to be fulfilled.
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  21. DonkeyAssessor

    DonkeyAssessor Well-Known Member

    Further to other comments, when progress in the FA Trophy was made (and it meant this game was shunted back) I thought that confidence from a cup run would be beneficial in the long term.

    With that wonderful thing called hindsight, had the game been played on the original date, before Lewes started to get their act together (and we were arguably in better form), we may well have been in a better league position now.

    The ON/ Off / ON / OFF sage of this game , as well as "Do we need two days off work to go to Guiseley" possibility of recent weeks, cannot have help players balance footy and work schedules easily.
  22. pitchfork

    pitchfork Well-Known Member

    Given most of the top 6 have to play each other I am sure there will be some twists and turns. My real concern is we look so vulnerable at the back, I don't think we have put a dominating performance since the boxing day thrashing of the Ks and even that didn't start well. The 4-0 against Harrow was entirely misleading and Enfield played well enough and perhaps should have got something out of the game. It seems every game is on a knife edge at the moment and the players look massively short on confidence. I hope we go really hard from the start on Saturday, play both Clunis and RMW wide and I would really like to see two up top.
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  23. DonkeyAssessor

    DonkeyAssessor Well-Known Member

    From the disappointment displayed on their faces before and after half time on Wednesday night Mishi, it's hurting them as well.

    One of the problems as I see it, is they are trying their best to make your (and their own ) dreams come true; and are falling short because of the physical demand necessary to do so.
  24. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    I don't dispute players hurting..but like it or not, players DO NOT hurt like fans! they can move on, still pick up their wages, and life goes on.

    We NEVER get back the money we 'waste', and regret for the rest of our life 'what might have been'...
  25. Dulwich Mishi

    Dulwich Mishi Old Skool Terrace Dinosaur-embracing the new-veau!

    As for the phsical demand...that's the same physical demands for all sides....
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  26. I think most people's hopes or perhaps not unreasonably their expectations were that given the calibre of senior players signed from top of this league and the league above we would not succumb to our 'winter wobble' this time around. And truth is we shouldn't - we should be able to knuckle down and win ugly and yet we haven't. It's same old Dulwich again and yes based on how we are playing now we would not be at the races in the next level up.

    I missed Lewes but the full horror of our play was witnessed first-hand at VCD - it was shocking to a man (Clunis the only exception) and whilst i didn't boo at the end of the game I did not hang around to clap them.
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  27. Cyclodunc

    Cyclodunc Where's the slam tent, mate?

    Nani had a couple of excellent seasons. Rather: Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Bellion.
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  28. Fractals

    Fractals Repeating a simple process

    I attended the horror at VCD and the repeat at Lewes (my first away games). :facepalm:
    The shocking common factor being the players inability to get it together.
    Moral is lagging, let's see how they turn it around against Farnborough.
  29. Monkeygrinder's Organ

    Monkeygrinder's Organ Dodgy geezer swilling vapid lager

    Sorry, you're banned.
  30. Fractals

    Fractals Repeating a simple process

    Noooo :eek:
    I'm planning seeing their success at Brentwood Town

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