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Let's talk about Teesside.

Where in Teesside are you from/do you live?

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Ring a ding
Poor Teeside. I have been looking at the Salmon numbers in the river this year- they are down about 80% of late. Seals being blamed.
There has been a pretty big increase in the seal population in the North East going by my last trip home!

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Riding a Brompton with a power meter.
Another Hartlepool trip, this time to be the executor of a will. Excellent conversations I have heard in Brexit Ground Zero:

(One woman to another)
How's your mam, Sue?
I think she's alright in herself. I saw her on Sunday and she shit herself then asked for a choc ice.

(Teenage mother to her child)
Luna! If you spill that orange I'll go fuckin mad and you won't get a sausage roll.