Leicester ACG meeting on Brexit 14/1/19

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    It's on tomorrow!

    Monday 14th January 2019: Leicester ACG Meeting “What should the working class do about Brexit?”
    7.30pm at The Regent Sports & Social Club, 102 Regent Road,Leicester, LE1 7DA .
    Ask at the BAR for the “Libsoc” event.

    If the working class doesn’t organise we can be sure that Brexit will be used as an excuse to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. Millions of words have been wasted talking about Britain and the EU but no one is talking about the working class and how it should respond. We are supposed to wait for our political masters to sort everything out for us. Not only is it clear that the ruling elite do not have our best interests at heart, but its extremely questionable if they are even competent enough to maintain the status quo. This talk is about what Brexit means for the working class and how we should respond. Venue. This is an open meeting and we hope to see you there.

    Venue is 5 mins walk from Leicester train station.

    ACG website

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