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Discussion in 'football' started by nuffsaid, May 13, 2003.

  1. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member


    well it's good to know that after leaving LUFC with debts of £80M ol' Pete's still got enough money to buy another football club....
  2. bubblehead

    bubblehead Pokey Pokey Sword

    ...and enough to bankroll another shot at the champions league? :p
  3. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    Euro Champions within 3 seasons i tells ya.

  4. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    well maybe he can prise david o'leary away from villa and it'll be just like old times. :D
  5. E.J.

    E.J. Away from U75

    Patrick Berger has left Liverpool to join Divsion 1 Champions Pompey! :eek:

    He's signed a 2 yr deal with Pompey

    The very best of luck to him :cool:
  6. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    Is it me or do Portsmouth have an increasingly good chance of staying up already.


    Fecking ace.
  7. E.J.

    E.J. Away from U75

    Lost Prophet.....

    In my opinion you'll have a bargain player in Patrick Berger ;)
    Gutted to see him leave mate :(

    Oh it looks like Redknapp has struck again with another bargain buy ;)
  8. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    He was never gonna be the man he was a few year ago, what with all the youth in the Liverpool team. Admittedly my premiership team has been Liverpool as well as sticking by Pompey during the good and the bad and the even worse.

    Its happy dancey monkleyshine for me though.

    This says it all...

    :D Harry you good'un
  9. E.J.

    E.J. Away from U75

    True Lost Prophet and with the talented players coming out of the youth team. Plus the fact that he had those injuries ruled him out of the 1st team.

    It will be interesting to see how Portsmouth passing style will cope in the Premiership ;)
  10. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    Yeah, think there'll be a bit of a change in the future, harry and jim'll maybe want to take the team into some sort of Hammers-esque technique (without the shit players, like ;) )

    Plus with old Jamie at Spurs still I reckon Teddy will be at Pompey before the end of the summer.

    They're going to be an old team, but a class team.

    If they managed to rob Irwin off Wolves i'd say they'd be the most experienced team for the prem next year.

    But anyway, don't worry, be happy, support Pompey.

    Its not as if Liverpool are gonna win anything next season :p
  11. E.J.

    E.J. Away from U75

    Well i'll keep an open mind on that last sentence mate! :D ;) :p
  12. Wide Eyed Angel

    Wide Eyed Angel Forgeddaboudit!

    leicester are meant to be having talks with brighton's paul brooker.

    also rumour is suggesting we might go in for matt piper. personally i would love us to re-sign him, the season leicester got relegated we looked shit, the whole team pretty much, except for piper. and he didn't want to leave us it was just how much we needed the money so here's hoping!

    any brighton fans know if brooker is much decent?
  13. Dr. Christmas

    Dr. Christmas ca suffit

    I remember Paul Brooker as a young player at Fulham under Micky Adams. Thought he was OK then, although nothing special.

    Best news of the summer for me is that Swansea have signed Leon Britton from West Ham on a free for two years. If we can persuade Roberto Martinez to re-sign for us then we have a powerful midfield to build a decent side around already.

    We need a decent mobile striker to partner James Thomas up front. Apparently Lee Trundle of Wrexham ( skilful but erratic) and Chris Llewellyn (ex-Canaries) are the top two targets, although Bristol Rovers are also interested in Llewellyn. Can't help thinking he's too good for Div. 3.
  14. Nou Camp

    Nou Camp New Member

    What's happening with the wee Spaniard? I noticed on the Spanish footy last week, the caption under his name just said ex-Zaragoza and not the usual Swansea and ex-Zaragoza?
  15. Mystical Wurzel

    Mystical Wurzel formerly bond1

    yeah, rustu is going to barca after he branded united and arsenal amateurs for not offering him enough wages or summut
  16. Dr. Christmas

    Dr. Christmas ca suffit

    Swans have made him an offer but he has others in the pipeline too, from an un-named Div 1 club and from Spain. He may yet return to Spain. Apparently Leon has phoned him personally to ask him to re-sign at the vetch. But we'll know for sure what he's doing towards the end of nxt week. He's a top, top player.
  17. Ronaldinho might become a geordie. i would love that, 1st shearer, now him. HAHA :D
  18. hektik

    hektik adhering to a paradigm

    that will be his signing on fee....hes free of his contract at lazio apparently, so its all about his fee/wages etc really.

    would be an ace signing for the gooners, really rated him as a defender.

    him and sol campbell at the heart of the defence would be a VERY good combination.
  19. Relahni

    Relahni New Member

    It's a shame to see Paddy go! (Although he's done nothing in the last couple of seasons).

    Who can forget that pass in the Owen cup final?

    1-0 down 2-1 up etc........!

    Great player. All the best Paddy!
  20. Rollem

    Rollem two kinds of wonderful

    great bum too!

    :oops: :rolleyes:

    (this is truly the only football player i have ever said that about!)
  21. bubblehead

    bubblehead Pokey Pokey Sword

    that's probably coz you usually only watch the lardy-arsed boys at QPR :p ;)
  22. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    can't believe how quiet it is at elland road. harry kewell's just got back from oz so hopefully there'll be some real news about his future pretty soon. olivier dacourt's loan move to roma still hasn't been made permanenet but that should be happening any day now.

    and on a lighter note, paul okon is apparently very unhappy about being left out in the cold since peter reid took over at Leeds and is threatening to leave for a club that will offer him first team football....

    but are there any conference sides that could afford his wages? ;)
  23. umeboshi

    umeboshi New Member

    Risdale at Barnsley?

    God, I feel sorry for you. He managed to run a potentially great club into the ground for seasons to come. And is a complete arsehole. Wouldn't wish him on me worst enemy.

    Okay, maybe on Man U. though he's probably the only chairman in the country who could bankrupt the worlds richest club... :rolleyes:
  24. nosos

    nosos Well-Known Member

    This is what lower division football does to people. :(
  25. nosos

    nosos Well-Known Member

    This is what lower division football does to people. :(
  26. Balbi

    Balbi Hey, Dean Yager!

    thats what higher division football does to people, designer stubble and a penchant for TopMan

  27. Ciara

    Ciara sugar and spice

    Can't be arsed to trawl through 8 pages so does anyone know if Matt Holland is moving from Ipswich to Portsmouth?

    And secondly does anyone but me care!
  28. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    I think it is a done deal, I've heard it on various radio stations.
  29. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado

    In the last week, Oxford have signed Derek Townsley (six foot five) and Julian Alsop (also six foot five) and are being linked with Leo Fortune-West, possibly on no grounds stronger than that he is six foot four and therefore Ian Atkins must be interested in him.

    Managers always used to keep card indexes of the players we were interested in. Atkins probably has an Excel file sorted according to height.
  30. Donna Ferentes

    Donna Ferentes jubliado


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