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Discussion in 'football' started by nuffsaid, May 13, 2003.

  1. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    will leeds have a striker next season??????

    sold. keane and fowler, kewells going, viduka might be off. That leaves them with allan smith suspendend and bridges on the treatmeant table!

  2. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    Speculation is that Leeds might sell Robinson instead and live with Martyn for another couple of seasons. Doubt if City could afford Robinson.
  3. wire thing

    wire thing The Power of the Interweb

    The only way Duff will go to Liverpool is by default (if ManU don't want him). He would be better off at Blackburn than Liverpool as they are a passing team with a manager who has at least a vague idea about what he is doing.

    Sorry but Houillier's track record in the transfer market leaves a lot to be desired. All those guys on your 'out' list are all his buys (except Berger) and have proved to be dismal failures and complete wastes of money.
  4. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    mark viduka loves Leeds United and is not looking to leave. but given our financial position, if we got a big enough offer we'd probably be prepared to sell (sad but true). I can't see him going to a bunch of no hopers like spurs though when there are bigger clubs out there who'd be interested in the duke and could offer us more dosh. and from his point of view there wouldn't be any point moving to another club unless it was in the champs league or uefa cup.

    as for robinson and martyn I reckon one of them has to go. we have a useful 3rd choice keeper called danny milosevic (another aussie) and a couple of younger ones coming through the ranks who are also supposed to be very good. manyoo and arse would probably be interested in robinson and I know the massives have made enquiries about nige. time will tell....
  5. Relahni

    Relahni New Member

    I've heard Duffer is a Liverpool fan and wants to join his best mate - Stevie Finnan at the club.

    Ged has bought a fair few good players in his time - Henchoz, Hyppia, Babbel, Hamman, Litmanen and Dudek.

    Plus he's brought on pretty average players like Murphy!

    I don't like Ged's style of play but I think he deserves a bit more credit than he gets.

    He's also won a fair few cups!

    But I agree with you - buying Heskey, Diao, Diouff, Traore, Diomede, Cheyrou and the like - has been a complete waste of money.
  6. g force

    g force Affects Shatner's Basoon

    Jari Litmanen is a god - this season proved how much you needed someone with vision and creativity and he was the man. Odd that Ajax should do so well just when he rejoins....

    Shame he never the got chance, which I think proves Houllier is tactically way off winning the prem.

    You can also add to your list Igor Biscan - the worst player in the premiership (apart from Gary Breen but that goes without saying....)
  7. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    more developments at Leeds: Brian Kidd and Eddie Gray have just been made redundant....
  8. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    and letting Anelka go wasn't that clever but on the other hand, Fowler really doesn't look like he has it any more:(
  9. Yoj

    Yoj Equinox is safe as fuck

    Man Utd have today signed David Bellion from Sunderland - undisclosed fee.
  10. souljacker

    souljacker innit

    And back in the real world of the Nationwide....

    Ipswich have handed keeper Andy Marshall a free. Which is actually a lot more than he's worth!

    All you lower league clubs with a decent keeper better watch out!
  11. Relahni

    Relahni New Member

    Hey Souljacker?

    That Osborne thing? That's Roger Osborne right? Scorer of the only goal in the 1978 FA cup final?

    Can you answer me this? Did he pass out or something after he scored? He was substituted after he scored and I was wondering whether he was so overcome with emotion that he had to be taken off?

    It may sound like a daft question - but I was 7 at the time and that was my first memory of the FA cup final.

    Just curious like? :)
  12. souljacker

    souljacker innit

    The 'official' line is that he was injured. But most people agree that the excitement caused him to pass out and he was subbed straight away.

    It was the 25th anniversary of the greatest moment in ITFC history last Tuesday and I put that on to commemorate. I was 5. It was the first final I remember and have been an Ipswich supporter ever since.

    Edited because I couldn't get a pic to work
  13. Wowbagger

    Wowbagger Pillock of the Community

    I can remember watching my dad's tape of that. It just looked like he didn't quite manage to pass out, but just ran around like a maniac (like you or I might if *we'd* just scored in an FA Cup final) so much that he just used up all his remaining energy going batshit.
  14. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    bellions agent has denied that he has signed for amn ure and is saying that they will not talk to anyone untill his contract with sunderland is over which is 30th june.

  15. Relahni

    Relahni New Member

    That's quality. Something to tell the grandkids - yeah scored the winner in the cup final - then passed out because I was on cloud 9!


    Great side Ipswich were - Paul Cooper - wickid at saving pens - Mick Mills, Wark, Gates, Brazil, Mariner, then the dutch boys joined later.

    Bobby Robson as manager - what a manager he is! - everywhere he's gone he's been a success.

    A bit off the track to the latest gossip - but at least the Osborne mystery is cleared up. ;)
  16. Nessie ™

    Nessie ™ New Member

    How naiive.

    Mark Viduka loves himself, looks after himself and nothing else. He supposedly loved Celtic, or so he kept telling the Celtic support. It didn't stop him refusing to come back out forthe 2nd half when he fell out with Jonathan Gould in the game against Inverness Caley, he was too embarassed.

    And he wasn't slow to jump ship as soon as a better offer came along.

    He'll leave.
  17. Sorry.

    Sorry. give it a rest

    he's just a crap fat bloke anyway.
  18. kained&able

    kained&able Here for the football.

    apparentley Bowyer is heading to everton.

  19. Yoj

    Yoj Equinox is safe as fuck

    Makelele to Man Utd

    Also Mcmananman to Man City this summer to team up with old Scouse mate Fowler.
  20. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    lol. just cos he didn't like your club.... :rolleyes:

    and you'd have to be extremely naive not to realise why somebody with viduka's background might not be very happy in the sectarian atmosphere of the old firm, despite the guarantee of trophies and european football every year. on the other hand he is very happy to stay at Leeds and has repeatedly said so over the last few weeks and months. he could have left when better offers came along last summer and the summer before - but didn't. if he does go it'll be because we have to sell him to keep the creditors at bay....

    :rolleyes: yup - a crap fat bloke who has scored 20+ goals for Leeds United 3 seasons in a row....
    cheers duke! :D
  21. GushingRussian

    GushingRussian New Member

    'SIR Alex Ferguson could be cooking up another audacious transfer swoop that would stun the Premiership. The Manchester United boss may revive interest shelved in 2001 in Arsenal's Patrick Vieira.'
  22. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    Well the Beeb are now reporting that Chelsea are dithering over John Terry's contract so he might end up at the Arse after all.

    Oh and Becks new haircut is to be transfered across the masses.
  23. chegrimandi

    chegrimandi associated with adultery

    in your dreams mate. All the money in England couldn't make Wenger sell Vieira to Madchester. Paddy wouldn't go and Wenger wouldn't sell him. If/when he goes it will be to Real Madrid or Barcelona. End of. No mileage in this - not that there ever was.
  24. Nessie ™

    Nessie ™ New Member

    Viduka has never played for my club.
  25. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    so why the vitriol? viduka seems like a sound bloke to me - based on what I see him do out on the pitch and what fans who have met him have told me. not sure why so many people seem to hate him - unless they support liverpool of course.... :D
  26. Ich bin ein Mod

    Ich bin ein Mod does his make up in his room

    Err kosciesza61 just a hint but generally it's not considered a good idea to confuse Celtic and Rangers

    And Marc Viduka indeed loves only himself. Nessie didn't mention the fact that he went AWOL from Celtic shortly after he signed, then complained that Celtic hadn't contacted him!
  27. looks like that racist thug lee bowyer is going to sign for us/ has already signed. what is sir bobby thinking of?:confused:
  28. kosciesza61

    kosciesza61 New Member

    Nessie semed very bitter about mark viduka so I assumed he supported celtic....

    no such problems since he came to Leeds....
  29. bubblehead

    bubblehead Pokey Pokey Sword

    yeah, sir bobby's in danger of going down in my estimation :(

    bramble was one thing ;) woodgate another (but I think he's got away with it) but f***ing Bowyer :eek: :mad:
  30. Just adding my voice to what seems like the majority of toon supporters:

    Lee Bowyer doesn't deserve to wear the Black and White Shirt

    Just say No, Bobby

    (Im praying that his apparent "ankle injury" will stop him passing a medical and the deal will fall through)

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